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Thursday, November 28. Thanksgiving

June and I took advantage of the hospital's generous plan for family members to have a meal with the patient prepared by the Food Service area.  We had lunch with Sven and both enjoyed a piece of turkey with all the trimmings.  What did Sven have?  A grilled cheese sandwich!  We all still were grateful for having a meal together.  When Brenda later asked Sven on the phone what he is thankful for, his immediate response was, "To be alive."
Even on a holiday the people are hard at work here.  The OT people came in and fashioned for Sven a new pair of "wings" which are made of fiberboard and are intended to hold his arms out while he is in bed.  Since they are formed directly for his body they should be more comfortable and effective in keeping his new skin stretched and pliable. 
Speaking of being grateful and the people here, I am extremely grateful for the people we have met over the last seven weeks who have been assigned to care for our son.  They are the most competent, caring, conscientious, and helpful people we could ever have hoped for to take care of him.  They are always willing to go an extra step to make sure we are taken care of.
On that note I am going to wind this up for the night.  I hope everyone reading this has had a Happy Thanksgiving and has hopes for a brighter tomorrow.  Thank you very much.