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Wednesday, November 27

Well, today Sven's Mom came back from visiting his sister Brenda--this following her trip to NYC for her cousin's funeral.  She remarked how well Sven looked and what improvements he had made.  Although he is wearing a smaller neck brace to keep his throat stretched, it is far last imposing than his previous neuro brace.  Sven is now able to eat his meal completely by himself.  Before I would cut up some larger pieces for him to pick up with a spoon, but now he can take the tops off dishes and open containers by himself.  We came when he was working with the PT person and she was expressing how important it is for him to keep pushing and stretching especially the skin over his joints (like his elbows.)   They have also starting forming a set of arm/shoulder braces which he will have to wear much of the time.  The braces start as a sheet of plastic-like board which gets heated and cut  exactly to fit Sven's size.  The left one is completed but the right one has not been started yet.
Since Sven had an early dressing change this morning (7 AM) and Mom had to get up pretty early this morning  to catch her planes, we were all pretty tired this evening, so we left early so everyone could get a good night's rest.  We are planning to come tomorrow to have a Thanksgiving meal with Sven in his room tomorrow.
Thanks for following along.