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Tuesday, November 26

Today was a pretty eventful day here at the hospital.  You may have noticed that we've written a lot here about Sven's meals, and how he is able to tolerate and consume as much as he can each meal.  Well, today they changed Sven's classification--from a DL-2, soft food only, to a whole food, order off the menu patient.  So what did Sven order for his first whole food, complete meal entrée?  A peanut butter and jelly sandwich!  (And they included a packet of ketchup with it.)  Some day we will have to write an entire entry on Sven's experiences with the food service department--he prefers to be a vegetarian and they find more ways to confuse his orders than you can imagine.  But this is just one element of today's activity.
When I arrived at about 3 PM this afternoon, Sven was sitting up in his recliner chair, and sitting right next to him was a brand new Dolphin bed.  This is apparently the first one of this type that the hospital ordered.  Along with the bed came a vendor's rep/salesperson who had to bring several of the nurses in to demonstrate how to operate the device.  This is an air bed, like his last one, but apparently this bed can cycle through every 11 minutes and redistribute the air so that it is presenting a different pressure point to the person's body.  This is supposed to be much better in combating bed sores than laying him first on one side, then the other.
One of Sven's proudest accomplishments today is that he was allowed to go for a short walk (with his walker) and walk with both feet.  I think he plans to be doing a lot more of that exercise as soon as they will let him.
Sven also received his new neck collar today.  He will have to wear this all the time now to keep his head up and keep his throat skin stretched to avoid shrinkage.  He can only take it off for eating and bathing.  He says that the collar is not all that uncomfortable though.
The last event that was meaningful today is that Sven had some visitors his own age for a change.  He had responded on Facebook that some people could come, but he didn't expect a half dozen to come the first night.  Please don't misconstrue that Sven is open to having visitors at all times now, but if you would like to communicate with him and set up a visit in advance, I think he would like that.  Please don't just show up unannounced. [Now I'll have to make sure that Sven sees this so he will be aware.]  Today was a pretty good day.
Thanks for reading this.