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Monday, November 25

Now that we're back to the work week again, Sven is going hard at it.  He had 2 OT visits today--they are mostly working on his joint mobility and flexibility.  We haven't seen PT lately, but tomorrow is the 7th day since his operation and Sven is expecting to get started on his getting up and moving around again.  We haven't heard yet whether he can use both legs to walk or he has to stay on his right leg only.  Sven is really motivated right now to do what he can to get himself healed back up.  This really shows with his eating:  he is often not very hungry, but he is determined to consume some calories in order to provide his body with the nutrition it needs.  He will often sit with his meal tray in front of him for an hour or an hour-and-a-half in order to encourage himself to eat more. 
We are beginning to see how his new skin is taking first hand.  He no longer has bandages on his arms or lower chest, and the nurses keep reminding us that he has to keep putting lotion on the open skin quite frequently to keep it from drying out.  When you put the lotion on, the skin is like a sponge and soaks it in immediately.  This will be a long process to get the new skin to adapt to the environment.   
That's all for tonight.  Thanks for following along.