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Sunday, November 24

Another good weekend day.  Sven had his "take down," where they put him in the shower and took all the dressings off him.  Dr Gayken was there and he stopped by Sven's room afterward to say that all of his areas look good.  There were a couple spots--one on his wrist and one on his neck that had slight blisters on them.  They were cleaned up and fastened down so they could continue healing.  Dr Gayken reiterated that Sven is done with all his operations, so now it is a matter of recovery and rehab.  Now, as Sven continues eating and regaining his strength he will be pushed harder and harder to move his body parts to the full extent.
Sven and I again watched the MN vs WI football game.  It was a surprisingly good game this time.  I think, as far as the Vikings are concerned, the tie was as good as a win.  Sven was pretty sleepy much of the day, probably from the extra pain killers they had to give him for the dressing change.  He did manage to get through all his meals today though.  I spent the latter part of the afternoon reading a couple chapters of Steinbeck's 'G of W'.  We're starting to get into it a bit more, and it enabled Sven to get more rest.
Sven is looking forward to a statement from the Ortho people, hopefully as early as Tuesday, that he can get up and start walking again.  Things are looking up with no more operations on the horizon.
Thanks for reading this.
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ingrid Serck-Hanssen
Hello Sven, It was shocking to hear of your accident and everything you have been through the past couple of month. You are in my heart and my thoughts and I pray that this time of recovery will help you gain strength and vitality. Many hugs from Ingrid
Denise Tennen
By Denise Tennen (Ari's mom)
Way to go!
Chris Botman
By Chris B
Fantastic stuff. So good to hear guys. :)