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Saturday, November 23

As weekend days often are, today was a quieter day here at the hospital.  Sven and I spent the afternoon watching the MN/WI football game--results were as expected.  Sven spent the whole duration of the game slowly eating his lunch meal.  He is again up to the point of feeding himself, after the latest operation.  Sven did have his central connector removed, so now he still remains with an IV in his right hand and a feeding tube in his nose. Someday soon we hope to reach total independence again.
Sven again spent most of the evening on his laptop.  He was busy sending text messages to catch up on his communications.  His hands are still taped a bit but he hunts and pecks with the fingers he does have available.
All-in-all it was another good day.  Sven is hoping to receive some good news tomorrow morning when the doctors do a "take-down"--that is, take the bandages off his most recent operation area to determine how the new skin is being accepted by his body.  We'll let you know tomorrow.
Thanks for reading this.