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  • Howdy!

    Written Oct 12, 2013 11:59am

    Well we are home and have been since June 20 this year.  While it is so nice being back in our home and living with my husband again it has sure been a struggle being home.  Steven has done great and I believe is showing some cognitive improvement, however because he has had no more than 6 physical therapy sessions since leaving Tampa on June 10, he is tightening up more and more every day.  Steven has been smiling more and more and has been laughing every once in awhile.  The laughs are great and have been appropriately delivered.  We are very proud of his continued effort in his recovery.  We only wish the VA would help us with what we need help with.  

    We have asked and asked and asked the VA for help getting Steven therapy.  I have even begged to be able to take Steven to the VA for outpatient therapy and have been told no.  But as any of you who know me know -- I am not stopping with no.  That word just doesn't fit into my vocabulary very well!!!!!  

    Please continue to pray for Steven for his recovery and for Mark and I as we are force to fight the VA for what we believe Steven has earned and deserves.  
  • Written Jun 20, 2013 11:36am

    So, I'm sitting here in Steven's room with him, waiting to be discharged to HOME!!! It's hard to believe that Steven will be sleeping in our house tonight. Let me rephrase that, I hope he will sleep tonight. We are excited and anxious with this new chapter we are getting ready to take part in. It will be nice for us to be under one roof with Mark, just wish the rest of our family were here too!

    We still don't have definite answers of how much help we will have at home, nothing has been determined about therapies and I'm suppose to trust everything will fall into place. I just hope the "falling" that happens isn't me falling apart! No, honestly this is one of those times when I am totally relying on God's promise that I won't be handed more than I can handle. I will be truly resting in The Lord for there is no other way for us to survive.

    Please continue to pray for Steven to continue to recover in his consciousness. We work every day to come up with a consistent way to communicate with him. That can open so many more opportunities for him.

    Watch out everyone, we are diving in!!!

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  • Written Jun 13, 2013 3:02pm

    We will not be going home today. Steven has pneumonia. Please pray for a very quick recovery. He is being started on two antibiotics to try and combat it. We will be here at least through the weekend and will revisit discharge on Monday. The team here has been so attentive to Steven and me. We miss our Tampa nurses but we are blessed to have nurses who are so good to us here.

    ~ Kelly

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