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Steve’s Story

During Easter weekend I began to feel out of sorts and experienced some unusual symptoms. On Monday morning I went to the doctor, who did tests and made a preliminary diagnoses that I was having gall bladder issues. He sent me for a ultrasound, which turned out to be negative for gall stones, and then a CT scan, which revealed a small mass on the head of my pancreas. On Wednesday I was able to get in to see a wonderful surgeon at Emory who was 95% certain that I had a malignant tumor. Because of the location, the tumor was blocking the bile duct and causing me to become jaundiced, but it is also operable. The decision was made to do a Whipple procedure  which is a complex, but effective surgery.  That surgery is now scheduled for Tuesday, May 6.

My wife, Sharol or I will be posting updates under the "Journal" tab of this page on a regular basis. We will also be monitoring comments in the the "Guestbook" section.

Latest Journal Update

Grief, gratitude and joy

Now that Steve's memorial service is over and I resume a more normal routine, I am reminded that there is nothing normal about my life. I'm used to being independent but Steve was always coming home from somewhere or calling from somewhere or at his desk at home. I miss his presence, his laugh, his wisdom, his joy. But I am profoundly grateful for the many years we shared together and for his life. I was and am so much more because of him. Together we have three, really five, amazing children including their spouses and five very special grandchildren who encourage, love and bring much joy to me. God is faithful.

I am glad to report that on the night of Steve's service, I signed a contract with InterVarsity Press who will publish our Caring Bridge posts. They are fast-tracking this process so that the book will be out this fall. I am so grateful for this gift. Steve is probably chuckling in heaven--he dodged a book in life but not in death! Because of copyright issues, I am taking down the Caring Bridge site in a couple of weeks but the book will be available in time for Thanksgiving which seems so appropriate.

For those of you who missed the service and have inquired about a tape of it, you can still find the service at http://www.peachtreepres.org/news/SteveHayner. I want to publicly thank Rev. Marnie Crumpler, the executive pastor at Peachtree Presbyterian Church, and the amazing staff team who served us so beautifully. Their hospitality and grace flowed abundantly--really more than we could ask or imagine. For this, I thank God. 

Steve would close by reminding us all to live one day at a time before an audience of One, trusting in God who loves us so much and for whom there are no dead ends. He would remind us that no matter our circumstances, God has a call for us. And that as we remember whose we are and live faithfully as ladies and gentlemen--honoring and encouraging one another, and as scholars--not only of people and culture but of the Word, and most importantly of Jesus, God will be at work in us, making what we do last and bringing about God's kingdom on earth.

Now to the One who by the power at work within us, is able to do exceeding abundantly beyond all we could ask or even imagine, to God be the glory in the church and in Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever.

And all God's people said, Amen.

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Jennifer Fogarty
By Jennifer and Mark Fogarty
I felt honored to sing for Steve's service. It was Amazing as Steve was!! Thank you and your family for sharing Steve with the World! We will think of Steve & your dear family all the rest of our days here on earth. Hugs with Blessings
Greta Reed
By Greta Reed
Sharol, this reads and feels like a gracious "sign-off." Many of us have hung on the every word we have received from you and Steve. These words deserve the wider audience they will soon have, and others will marvel at the honesty, transparency, and faith that marked your entries. You have taught all of us about what it means to approach death with faith. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Greta
Sarah Erickson
By Sarah Erickson
Sharol, thank you for your willingness to allow the book to happen. This has been a deeply formative experience in what it means to say "In life and in death, we belong to God." May God's peace surround you in the transitions yet ahead.
Bill Campbell
By Bill Campbell
Prayers continue for Steve and for your entire family during this difficult time. The book sounds like a great idea--I hope it brings you peace and joy as you put it together.
David Bennett
By David Bennett
Phyllis and I are thrilled to hear about the plans to publish these posts, which have been so instructive and encouraging to us, and which we have shared with others as well. What a gift this will be to the Body of Christ! Thank you for blazing a trail of faith and courage for those of us who have yet to pass through the valley of the shadow. As Easter approaches, we are inspired by the resurrection faith that you have modeled for us.
Andy Ingram
By Andy Ingram
I am so glad to hear the Caring Bridge posts will be published. I already have many of the posts hanging on the bulletin boards in my study. Thank you so much for you all's faithfulness.
Halle August
By Halle and Kathy (Lower) August
Yes, Amen! So glad to hear that Intervarsity Press will be compiling your posts. I remarked to several people that if those posts could be put together in a book, they would be an inspiration and encouragement to many. Such great jewels were put on display in yours and Steve's words. Thanks again Sharol, fresh Joy my friend!
Jennifer Anderson
By Jennifer and Roger
You are such a gift. Thank you for taking the time to write. I love your comment that "I was and am so much more because of him." Amazing how the Lord Jesus does that in marriage. True too that Steve was and is so much more because of you.
Love from Madison,
Pat Cassidy
By Pat Cassidy
Sharol--Steve's service was such a wonderful testimony to his life & I was so blessed in being able to watch it from afar but felt like I was there. Your children had such amazing and wise words so simply spoken. I look forward to having a copy of "the book" when it's ready. I have copied all of the Caring Bridge pieces & shared them at my desk for others to be able to read. My thoughts and prayers remain with you and your family.
Miriam Ryan
By Miriam
Sharol, what a special service it was. I was so touched to hear such beautiful tributes about Steve's life. I will never forget the words Chip shared, "don't strive to leave a legacy, just be faithful." So happy to hear about the book too! You continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. Sending love and hugs!