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Steve’s Story

During Easter weekend I began to feel out of sorts and experienced some unusual symptoms. On Monday morning I went to the doctor, who did tests and made a preliminary diagnoses that I was having gall bladder issues. He sent me for a ultrasound, which turned out to be negative for gall stones, and then a CT scan, which revealed a small mass on the head of my pancreas. On Wednesday I was able to get in to see a wonderful surgeon at Emory who was 95% certain that I had a malignant tumor. Because of the location, the tumor was blocking the bile duct and causing me to become jaundiced, but it is also operable. The decision was made to do a Whipple procedure  which is a complex, but effective surgery.  That surgery is now scheduled for Tuesday, May 6.

My wife, Sharol or I will be posting updates under the "Journal" tab of this page on a regular basis. We will also be monitoring comments in the the "Guestbook" section.

Latest Journal Update

November 20 -- Grace Notes

It is Thursday, the day after chemo, and Steve and I are reflecting on the grace we've experienced in the past days. Chemo yesterday was a long process and not much fun but thankfully this morning, Steve has some energy and the ability to eat a full breakfast. We expect that he'll feel worse as the day progresses (how's that for positive thinking?) but are grateful for these early hours of grace.  Yesterday, the doctor seemed very encouraged about Steve's health and the good days he has in each treatment cycle. Looking ahead, Steve has one more treatment on December 3 and then will have a scan mid-December with the possibility of several weeks off chemo during the holidays. The young doctor who works with the team asked where Steve got his positive attitude. She left saying that Steve was such an inspiration to her. Steve's face is full and his coloring is good--he looks healthy and quite robust. While I trudged up the four flights of stairs, Steve raced by me taking two steps at a time. 

I returned Tuesday from five days in California with my parents and sister. Steve encouraged me to go when we could find a window when he would feel well enough to be on his own. Even though I have nightly conversations on the phone with my mom, it was a gift to see her and my dad in person.  Our days were full, seeing old friends and running errands. I was also able to spend time with Steve's sister who also lives in the Bay area. Everywhere I went, people told me that they were praying for Steve and for me. It is a bit overwhelming but a picture of grace. We continue to feel surrounded by this great cloud of living witnesses who lift us to God and hold us up. 

Steve had a wonderful few days here. He was able to spend two nights away from home with his good friends who pampered him and cared for him. Then Steve's brother came through Atlanta and stayed a couple of nights with Steve, something which doesn't happen that often. All in all, the days went quickly and Steve felt strong and able to be active all day. This is too is a grace. 

Our children and grand-children will be here over Thanksgiving. We are so excited to see them. With five grandchildren from 8 yrs to 6 months, our time is bound to be full of laughter and abundant energy.  It will truly be a memorable Thanksgiving when we again thank God for all his good gifts of grace. This year, we will be more thankful than ever for life, for time together, for friends and family and for the wonders of living one day at a time. We thank God for you. 
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Gary Veurink
By Gary Veurink
So pleased you were able to go to CA and see your parents and that Steve was well enough for you to do that. Please tell Steve that we held the IJM Board meeting Nov 20 to 22, and we prayed for him and for you!! You were in our thoughts often! IJM is praying for you!
Jeanne Thiele Reynolds
By Jeanne and Jeff Reynolds
Thank you for keeping those of us who know and care for your family from a distance in touch. You truly are an inspiration by your vulnerability and your sincere gratitude for life and Love. We continue to pray with and for you. Peace.
Karen Berns
By Karen
So grateful for the gift of days Steve feels well. Continuing to pray that the chemo is really obliterating the cancer while God protects healthy organs.
Thankful for your time in CA with family, dear Sharol, and the upcoming family Thanksgiving. Much love and many prayers, dear ones.
Cari Scott
By Cari Scott
Peter Baird
By Peter M Baird — last edited
I have been following your story over the last six months and continually keeping your family in prayer. Today, after Dr. Jim Owen's memorial, I kept hearing from many of the people that knew you from your years here at Seattle UPC. Those are good memories that led to great adventures.
Again, I thank you for your years of service and friendship and will keep you and yours in my prayers.
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Gretchen Cedergreen
By Gretchen
You two are encouraging your friends with each of these messages. Thank you--
Sandy Schaupp
By Sandy Schaupp
So good to hear that you both had some really special time with family and friends...it seems it filled your "tanks" as you entered into another round of chemo. May you remember with joy those lovely times, when your "tanks" don't feel so empty in some of the harder days following chemo. May your Thanksgiving with your family be such a beautiful time for you all, full of laughter and joy...
Mary Seely
By gladheart@q.com — last edited
Praise God for the good report! I continue to pray for you all and hold you in my heart.
Kathy McCready
By Kathy McCready (IVCF staff from Milwaukee)
This adds to my thanksgiving! Thank you for sharing.
Jeannie Edwards
By Jeannie Edwards
Hello my dears -- we have joined your prayer net just recently. We are "old" friends of your sister, Cindi, and also of Elaine and Don. Your joy and grace are radiating far!

Jeannie and Paul Edwards (from Menlo Pres., Fuller, BSF and all kinds of other connections…)