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Good afternoon, All!  I thought I'd drop you a line on this rainy afternoon.

About a week ago (Monday, March 8th) we made our monthly trip to the Cleveland Clinic.  This was a routine visit, with the obligatory chest x-ray and bloodwork, followed by an appointment with Dr. Sobecks.

My blood counts continue to look great.  He has taken me off of four medications, including the potassium supplement, an antibiotic, an antifungal, and last but not least, the Prograf, which is the anti-rejection med.  He wants the donor cells to have free reign to engraft in my marrow and build up my immune system.  So far there's been no sign of graft vs. host disease, and he wants to cut things loose.  He is very pleased with my progress, as am I.

There's no doubt that there is a higher power at work in my life, and I am extremely grateful to have been a recipient of God's grace.

My challenge is to keep from getting bored out of my gourd around the house.  I can clean but I'm not allowed to sweep or dust.  I'm getting a real bad case of "spring fever," especially when the temperature hit 60 degrees for a few days earlier this week.  I've sorted my sock drawer about a dozen times.

Kris wants me to cook more meals, but I think we're getting tired of beanies, weenies, and yellow jello!

Both girls were on spring break this week, and went to Chicago with another girl friend for a couple of days.  I redeemed some Hilton Honors points at the Embassy Suites on State Street in downtown Chi-town, close to the "Magnificent Mile" and other shops.

They found out quickly just how expensive things are in the big city.  But the hotel was nice, and they had a good time.

With spring just around the corner, there are many outdoor activities that I'd like to do here and up at the farm.  So far they've not released me to do any outside work, like digging in the dirt or running a chainsaw - drats!

At least I'm allowed to go out in public, as long as I'm careful about exposure to other folks.  I go to the store, church, and eat out occasionally as long as it's not during peak times.

I'll close for now.  I hope all of you are doing well, and will enjoy the weekend.

God's Blessings,