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  • Written Mar 2, 2010 9:48pm

    It was a year ago today we found out Steve had acute leukemia. 
    We are so blessed Steve is doing well, and we thank God everyday for Steve's continued progress.
    Thanks and gratitude for family and friends who continue to support us.
    We think about our friends we met at the Hope Lodge  and know that blessings do come out of difficult times.
    Thanking all for continuing prayers and support.
  • Written Feb 28, 2010 7:06pm

    February 28th, Sunday.  Enjoying the evening, watching the closing ceremonies of the Olympics.  The weather seems a tad bit warmer today, at least the snow seems to be melting some.
    Steve has been feeling good and does not seem to be bothered so far, by the reduction in his anti rejection medication.  We'll return to Cleveland Clinic the beginning of March.  Our nurse transplant coordinator, Christina, is expecting her first child the beginning of March, so we will have another coordinator seeing Steve.  We wish Christina well.  She's been a great source of information for both of us, and extremely helpful when we had questions/concerns both at the Cleveland Clinic and when we go for our monthly visits.  Our family continues to feel extremely blessed as each day goes by and we're spending it here at home with each other.  Thanks for continuing prayers and support, and blessings to all of our family and friends.
  • Written Feb 20, 2010 8:18pm

    Our visit to Cleveland Clinic on February 8th went well.  Thank goodness we didn't have to go the next day, as that was the start of the snow, etc.
    Steve had his bone marrow biopsy done and our transplant nurse coordinator called us the next Tuesday evening to let us know he is still in remission, praise the Lord!!
    Dr. Sobecks, our transplant doctor, is now decreasing his anti rejection medication, so hopefully, he'll continue to do well.  This is the time, though, that the graft vs host would be likely to pop up.
    Actually, we're told it can occur at any time, even several years post stem cell transplant.
    Tonight Steve and I are relaxing at home, enjoying the Olympics.  We still have to visit Cleveland Clinic monthly until he is a year post stem cell transplant.
    The weather will start to get a little nicer, we're hoping, so no worrying about the driving, etc.  Thanks to all for your continued prayers and support.

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