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  • Written Jun 5, 2010 1:40pm

    Post stem cell transplant day 15. Katie and I are visiting Steve, he's having an ok day but still with mouth sores feeling blah. Doctors say he's on track and just has to wait it out. We appreciate the continue prayers and support
  • Written May 26, 2010 5:52pm

    Steve has finished his chemo and had his stem cells this past Friday, May 21st.  I went to Cleveland after work on Friday afternoon and made it to the Guest House Hotel, on the Cleveland Clinic campus, around 8:00 pm.  Unpacked then walked across the street to the hospital to see Steve.  His appetite was back and he was feeling great.  Saturday in the am he was still feeling pretty good, but then had to get started on another antibiotic, one that has to have a premed with it. The premed was benadryl, and they gave him 50 mg IV so needless to say, he was sleepy the rest of the day.
    Sunday he still felt blah, and the doctor is saying this is the normal course of events, right around the time the chemo starts taking effect.  His counts are down, and right now he has some mouth sores from some of the meds he's getting, which they anticipated, so he's not eating much. He's getting some nutrition thru his IV so that will keep his strength up.
    The transplant doctor said he's now in the "throws" of the treatment, and just has to tough it out.  Everything for the time being, is going according to plan.
     He's receiving great care and the doctors and nurses are making every effort at keeping him as comfortable as they can while he's going through this part of the treatment.
    Thankful again for Steve having a tough constitution.
    Again, thanks to all our family and friends for prayers and support. 

  • Written May 14, 2010 5:07pm

    Just an update on Steve...he's at Cleveland Clinic in the bone marrow unit getting chemo for 8 days, then they infuse his stem cells.  We left for Cleveland after I got off work on Wednesday and our oldest daughter, Sarah, went with us. Stayed in the Guest House, right next to the Clinic that evening, then Thursday got up and around and had blood work done, chest xray, a central line placed, and whew he finally got admitted.  Steve was hungry so was craving his usual when he's at Cleveland Clinic, which is the Angus Burger from Mickey Dee's.  He was eating that when the transplant doctor who is making rounds this week stopped in to see him.  I felt slightly sheepish since I know that isn't the healthiest thing on the planet but what the heck, the mans having another transplant  so I guess he's entitled ;).  Anyhow, Steve's labs continue to stay pretty good, all within normal range except for the platelets and the white blood cell count, although the white blood cell count was up almost in the normal range.    Dr. Sobecks looked him over and said he was good to go for another transplant, that he's been a pretty tough guy so far, and we'll just continue moving forward.  He said that the leukemia has not run rampant, which was good to hear, and that it's in a smoldering stage, and Steve's stem cells that he had from the donor are probably what's keeping the leukemia at bay.  That was good news to our ears.  But, he still needs the transplant since they did find the cells in his marrow, and like a crummy weed in a pretty garden, it will enventually take over.  So, I think he's mentally ready now, although the last several weeks have been a little rougher, we are now rallying around him and thankful the Lord has blessed him with a healthy body, in spite of the leukemia.   We are also so thankful he is able to get another transplant, this time the "big one".   And again, thankful to family and friends who are praying for Steve and for us, his family.  God has been good to us throughout this experience, and I know He remains steadfast in guiding us through whatever comes along.  Thanks to all for continuing prayers. And, by the way, Steve is in G110, Room 19, and has a pretty nice view outside his window. 
    Blessings to all,

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