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Steve’s Story

Welcome to our CaringBridge website. We've created it to keep friends and family updated about Steve's status. Get started by reading the introduction to our website, My Story.

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On Friday, May 27 at 4:30am Steve had a seizure and went into cardiac arrest.  Lisa administered CPR and called 911.  EMS was able to restore Steve's pulse and transported him to UNC Hospitals.  In the ED he was put on an induced hypothermia protocol, which is used to improve neurological outcomes following cardiac events, and he was admitted to the Cardiac ICU.

We don't know why he had the seizure and arrest, as Steve has been completely healthy and has no vices.  This was bizarre and completely unexpected.

Latest Journal Update


There are moments in the day when I wonder "How in the world am I going to balance all that I have to do?"  Yet somehow, it works out. Tonight, I was "in charge" of Steve starting at 7:30 which is also the girls time for bed. I was running up and down the stairs, reading for 10 min then checking on Steve, then going back upstairs reading for 10 min and then checking on Steve. Needless to say, I got my 10,000 steps in today :).  I finally got the girls down, and it was time for Steve's 8pm meds. We have 3 dogs, and they follow right behind me at all times. I went into Steve's room and two of them jumped up on his bed which was kind of cute but also kind of "in the way." I decided to shut them out of the room and put a hamper in front of the door to keep them out. They instantly began whining at the door as if I had been gone for hours. I started getting all of Steve's meds and feedings ready and then he began having myoclonus  (which makes the meds go back up the tube in the wrong direction). I placed my knee on his left arm , kept my hands on the tube and meds, and started counting with him to help slow down the myoclonus. At the same time, the meds stopped flowing and started backing up the tube, then he started coughing so I had to kink the tube at the same time my knee was on his arm and my other hand was uncapping his trach. As you can imagine, it looked like I was playing Twister on his bed. I told myself "God doesn't give you more than you can handle (although sometimes that feels really hard to believe)," and I told Steve to try to calm down because I can't do "two things at once." I was getting a little frustrated when I started hearing "mom" from upstairs which I obviously couldn't handle at the moment. I then literally told Steve "ok maybe I can do 3 things at once but not four." Then, the dogs burst through the blocked door and jumped up on the bed jarring Steve, the meds, and myself. We all just started laughing; I mean seriously that had to have been a Kodak moment!

Today's Jesus Calling said, "When I gave you My Spirit, I empowered you to live beyond your natural ability and strength." Amen!

Please send up loads of prayers this week for Steve's 24 hour nursing coverage to be restored. His case is being reviewed and I really hope they understand what a juggling act this is for me and what a fine balanced line I'm walking at all times.

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7 Comentarios

Patsy Meacham
By Patsy Meacham
Prayers continue. Hang in there and all who love you.
Veronica Frost
By Veronica
Thanks for sharing the visual.....so glad it could end in laughter!!
Prayer arrows still flying.
Jeannine Knotts-Brown
By Jeannine Knotts-Brown
Invite "them" over to spend an evening with you when you are alone with your family. Take pictures if they can't be there in person. Make a video to give to them. Add them to your Caring Bridge site! It's easy to ignore somebody you can't see and you don't know, but if you give them a human being - or 2 or 5 - (and 3 dogs) - maybe it would make a difference. Putting a face and real people in place of a number makes you human. So glad you could all have a sense of humor. Sometimes it's the only thing that gets us through. Somebody looking through a window might have thought you were trying to do Steve in! LOL
Barbara and Brian Moore
Lisa and Steve,
Thank you for sharing tonight....Lisa....you sounded like "ElastaGirl" with trying to stretch and bend in your caretaking tasks this evening. That means Steve is Mr. Incredible. :-) Those need to be your costumes for next Halloween! What a blessing that you both have a wonderful sense of humor. Thanking GOD that you all were able to turn that frustration around and laugh. Your pets must add to your joy...at least most of the time. I praise GOD for the strength and peace He has given you. Sending up prayers for a return to 24 hour coverage!
Together in Christ,
_\^^/ Barbara
Karen Vandersea
By Karen Vandersea
Thinking about you, Lisa! Can you share stories like this with your insurance company? I hope they realize what you are going through. Either way, please know I'm praying for y'all and hoping the nursing coverage will be restored ASAP. xoxo
Sharon Guyer
By Sharon Guyer
Oh, Lisa, I can't imagine juggling all that you do, and you do it so well and so cheerfully! You have such an active household with so much responsibility. It makes sense to me that you need that 24-hour coverage, so we will continue to pray! In His love, Sharon