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Steve’s Story

Welcome to our CaringBridge website. We've created it to keep friends and family updated about Steve's status. Get started by reading the introduction to our website, My Story.

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On Friday, May 27 at 4:30am Steve had a seizure and went into cardiac arrest.  Lisa administered CPR and called 911.  EMS was able to restore Steve's pulse and transported him to UNC Hospitals.  In the ED he was put on an induced hypothermia protocol, which is used to improve neurological outcomes following cardiac events, and he was admitted to the Cardiac ICU.

We don't know why he had the seizure and arrest, as Steve has been completely healthy and has no vices.  This was bizarre and completely unexpected.

Latest Journal Update

Steve has been home 2 years!

It is hard to believe that Steve has been home from the hospital for 2 years as of today! In some ways it feels like forever and in some ways it feels like yesterday. When I told Steve this morning that this was his homecoming day, he said, "Wow, I can't believe I have been lying in this bed for that long. I really miss you guys."  We miss him too--so much.  I am SO happy that we have been able to have him at home and keep him safe from complications; this is truly a miracle by all accounts! However, nothing will replace how things were before this all happened.  People ask me all the time how we are doing and how Steve is doing. This is really hard to answer. I think overall we have settled in pretty well to this "new normal" with nurses at our house 24 hours a day (praise God for our insurance because I just don't know what I would do without these awesome caregivers!) and me balancing mom/wife/daughter/spousal caregiver/doctor/friend/homeowner etc. The girls are also doing well in school and all of their numerous activities which keeps their minds occupied and off the situation at home. We are still getting Steve out to church, activities when the weather allows and his many doctors appts.  We have been able to wean his valium some more and are looking into a motorized wheelchair that he can control with sip n puff/head controls.  He has been struggling with some increased myoclonus recently which may make this difficult, but the idea of giving him some control over his surroundings is really nice.  However, gorgeous spring days like today make me yearn for the times 3 years ago when we could all go out for a bike ride together or a hike or hang out with our friends.  It is so obvious when I see the girls around their friends dads how much they miss their own. Please continue to pray for our family and pray for Steve to make strides forward in his healing. 

     As many of you know, animals have been a huge part of the girls and my healing process.  We just adopted yet another puppy named Jack (hopefully I will be able to attach a picture above to replace that snowy one ;) ), a rabbit and another guinea pig. I have also enrolled the girls in 4-H to start showing their rabbits and Sarah is working on making the new puppy a therapy dog.  I realize this will seem ridiculous but we now have 3 dogs, 6 rabbits, hundreds of fish, a guinea pig, a hamster, and 3 chickens.  The girls and I handle them daily and have started putting them in with Steve as part of his own therapy (I thought he might go ballistic when I brought the third puppy home but he just smiled and said "He IS really cute." Whew!) I'm pretty sure we are done for the moment and fortunately we have a huge fenced yard to let everyone roam and have their space.

     Life for me has been simply nonstop recently. Our dishwasher died, our air conditioners had black mold all over the insides, I have to recertify my board exams for both medicine and pediatrics this year, and UNC just switched to an entirely new electronic health record; needless to say, that all on top of normal daily craziness has nearly pushed me to the brink. However, finally today, I feel relaxed and able to just sit with the girls and watch a movie.

     I am so thankful for all of you that have continued to keep us in your prayers and have continued to offer your services whether it be dinner or dishwasher advice :0)! Thank you so much! I pray that all of you are enjoying the spring weather and your families and friends!

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11 Comentarios

Leslie Smollen
By Leslie Smollen
Dear Lisa, you may not remember me from the kids' preschool days, but I too have been following Steve's story. Your family is constantly in my thoughts and prayers. I feel joy for all your successes and mourn your losses. You and your family are loved by people in your community that you don't even know. I will continue too pray for Steve's healing.
Veronica Frost
By Veronica Frost
Time flies but it doesn't mean that we forget. Prayer arrows continue your way regularly.
With all those animals, it has to be a house full of joy!! And God's love surrounds all of you....
Sharon Guyer
By Sharon Guyer
Dear Lisa,
Thank you for writing a comprehensive update at this two-year anniversary point. I am grateful that Steve has been able to be at home and for how God has sustained him and your whole family.
It is surely normal to have feelings of loss when he can't do the things with you that were so enjoyable in the past. You have navigated the challenges so well - with the grace of God. We will continue to pray for him to gain strength, for the new wheelchair, and for the recent issues you outlined in your next-to-last paragraph above. Bless you, Steve, the girls, and your happy menagerie of pets! Love, Sharon
Marilyn Ault
By Marilyn Ault
We continue to pray for Steve and your family. You are all amazing in our eyes! God has blessed you in some wonderful ways.
Susan and James Andrews
By Susan (Catherine's sister in Asheville)
That was a bittersweet entry,and I than you for being so open. I mourn for you in your "loss" - because you really did lose so much.
I'm praying thee wil be a time of rest for you soon. A truly peaceful, rejuvenating time alone. You deserve that SO MUCH.
Kenya McNeal-Trice
By Kenya McNeal-Trice
Lisa, you are simply incredible. It's so wonderful to hear Steve has been home for 2 years. The Lord has truly blessed and your family is an inspiration to everyone. You have shown what the power of faith and love can do. Your family is continually in my prayers. Thank you so much for sharing your life with us.
gina burns
By Gina and Jay
<3 Hugs and love to all of you. Lisa what a long road you all have traveled. Your strength and love amaze me.
Stephanie Rolfsen
By Stephanie (fort) Rolfsen
Lisa, I don't even know if you'll remember me from high school, but I've followed your dear husbands battle since this happened. You, Steve, and your 3 beautiful daughters are in my daily prayers. You are a strong woman. It is evident in all your posts. Your family is lucky to have you!
Karen (Herdman) Noll
By Karen (Herdman) Noll
Though we have never met, I feel connected to you because I've followed your journal posts from the beginning. You are a remarkable woman and I am inspired by each word you write. Life has thrown you more that a curve ball; you have managed to look it square in the face and volley it back. Praise God for his hand in helping you, Steve, and the girls through your trials and for helping you see the good in everything that happens. I continue to be a prayer warrior for you. God Bless!!
Kathy Benson
By Kathy Benson
Prayers will continue, you are loved!!!!