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Stafon’s Story

Welcome to Stafon Johnson's CaringBridge website. We've created it to provide a place for fans to write notes and well wishes for Stafon, the USC running back who suffered a serious throat injury on Sept. 28 while weightlifting.

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Latest Journal Update


Stafon Johnson just gave his teammates another perfect sendoff.

Only a month after his tragic weightlifting accident, Johnson visited USC's team meeting this morning in Heritage Hall, his third appearance at a team function since the serious throat injury, following his pre-Notre Dame surprise visit two weeks ago and the pre-game locker room appearance last weekend.

While he's still restricted to no verbal communication, his presence -- complete with his trademark smile and personal handshakes with almost every player -- did all the talking. Johnson, who gave two thumbs up when asked how he's feeling, even played along when his teammates teased him about the "Christmas sweater" he was wearing in the meeting.

Check out a few photos from Johnson's appearance:

- From's RipsIt Blog