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Good afternoon dear friends:
MEA CULPA again I say MEA CULPA.  Well, a lot has been happening since August almost feel a need to go to confession.  LOL.  Some of you may know that I agreed to do a Phase I Trial at Karamanos.  It is a trial of a drug that has not yet been approved by the FDA.  I started back in early September.  I also decided to stay at the Motherhouse while undergoing this treatment.  So, for the last couple of weeks that is why you haven't seen me around.  I have missed all of you tremendously.  However, I could feel your prayers and love all the way to Monroe and back.  On Tuesday October 1st I went for my treatment and began getting very sick so they couldn't even give me my chemo and sent me home.  By the time I got back to the Motherhouse I was as the expression says:  sicker than a dog....... I knew it was just going to get worse with each treatment so I decided to consult with my oncologist, my superiors, my DPOA's and my posse (those who drive me hither and yon) what they thought and felt.  Of course I also took it to prayer.  The answer was unanimous:  STOP THE CHEMO!!!!!!! My oncologist said once I get the chemo out of my system I should start to feel better.  I have been feeling so punky and nauseous and taking anti-nausea medication around the clock.  I didn't want to be worshiping the porcelain goddess for whatever time God will extend to me.  I want to have a good quality of life and be able to still do some "fun" things with family and friends.  For now I will bid farewell..  God bless.  Love Sr. Carol

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