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Dear friends:
I can't believe that it has been so long since my last entry.  I apologize.  Well, let's see what has been going on.  I have had six chemos and my Dr. has exhausted all her thoughts on the chemo.  So, she has sent me to Karmanos for a Phase I Trial.  I went to Karmanos this past week and was extremely impressed with their facility.  I also was pleased with the Dr. who will be doing the study.  I had a thorough exam and he shared with us all about the trial, side effects, etc.  Now I just need to wait until next Tuesday when his team meets to see if I am eligible to begin.  He is hopeful.  I have to keep reminded myself that there is no cure and I will not get better...however if it gives me more quality of life I'm in.  This will also help people for generations to come. If I can help someone else I'm all for it.  Didn't know if you heard but I also ended up in the hospital last weekend.  The doctor thought my cancer had gone to my brain because I have been having blurred vision and dizziness.  Please continue to pray for me.  Your prayers are what is getting me through this tough time.  I love you all.  I promise to write soon.  Love SC