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Good morning dear friends:

Hope you are enjoying this beautiful day and that you all had a blessed Easter. 

I wanted to update you on the latest.  I saw the Dr. on Monday and I have a new tumor under my arm and the cancer has spread to my lung.  This didn't surprise me because my lungs have always been my Achilles heel.  I began chemo last week and the Dr. said it was too early to see if it is having any affect.  I went yesterday for my second treatment and will go today for hydration to help keep me out of the hospital.  I remain strong thanks be to God and because all of your beautiful prayers.  Your cards and notes and phone calls and of course hugs mean so much to me.  I probably will have to go back to air hugs for awhile. 

I did want to share a funny store with you.  Last week when I saw the Dr. I ran into one of our parishioners who was bringing her father to the Dr.  Her name will remain anonymous to protect the innocent.  LOL, She introduced us and then turned to me and said that her father was being treated for prostate cancer............she then preceded to turn to her father and said, "Dad, Sr. Carol has the same thing you do!" Her father looked like a deer in the headlights.  I started to laugh and said, "I thought I just had breast cancer and now I find out I also have prostate cancer.  I never knew I had one.  It really broke the ice and we had a good laugh.  I thought you as well would enjoy it.  Contiune to keep not just me but all the women in the parish dealing with breast cancer and any other cancer.  We must find a cure for this terrible disease. 

I will write again soon.  All my love and prayers.  I hold you all in my heart. God bless.  SC