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Dear friends:

I can't believe it has been so long since my last entry.  Well, up to this point it has been hopeful and the doctor has been optomistic.  However, last Friday I had another biopsy and as you know it came back showing the cancer is back with a vengence.  It is Inflammatory Breast Cancer.  Only 1-5 % of the population gets in.  Fr. Rich told me why didn't I just buy a lottery ticket.  LOL.  Anyway, as you already know it is pretty serious............Stage IV and the doctor said I probably have six months.  She asked me what were my goals.  I responded with I want to live each day as "normal" as possible and to live each day as it were my first, last and only day.  Live it to the fullest.  On Monday I will be having a broncoscopy to determine if there is cancer in the lung or if it is just an infection.  If it is not an infection I can start chemo right away.  I am hoping this will give me more GOOD days to spend with all of you.  Words could never express or would ever be sufficient to tell you how much each and everyone of you has meant to me and continues to mean to me.  Each of you has touched my life in a very special way, a way in which I shall never be the same.  You have been a blessing in my life.  Please know how very much I love all of you.  I have also made a bucket I will be working hard at accomplishing my goals..........I will write again after Monday's procedure.  God bless you all.  SC