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Good morning dear people of God:

It has now been a couple of weeks since my last entry and guess what I have managed to stay out of the hospital.  Hooray!!! I have been going twice a week to the Cancer Center for hydration which we have discovered is the KEY.  Of course I am drinking lots and lots of water as well.  This past Tuesday I received my last radiation treatment.  It was actually bittersweet.  I loved to see the ladies but it is good to be finished.  I have a slight burn from the radiation that is actually looking better and better as the days go by and a little difficulty swallowing which I am told will also improve.  Other than that I am truly feeling very well.  I still do not have the energy I used to so I have to be very careful not to be too zealous.  You know me.  I am trying very hard to be a good little nun and follow all the doctors directions and suggestions.  I have so blessed to have so many wonderful competent doctors walking with me.  I have been equally blessed by all of you and your thoughts, prayers, meals and love.  Oh, did I forget to mention the CARDS? I told Monsignor I was bored one day and decided to count my cards..........I stopped at 1,000.  I am not bragging I am deeply touched.  How did I get so blessed?

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and I wish you a very blessed Advent.  May the coming of the Christ Child enlightening our hearts and bring us Peace and Joy.  Love you all.  SC