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Well, we had scans today.  It is 13 months post chemo and I waited until this month to get us past the 1 year mark.  And yep, there is an area of concern!  He had a MRI and it shows changes in the orbit, possibly the bone.  MRI looks at the soft tissue not the bone so a CT has been ordered STAT!  Hopefully that will take place on Friday.  His chest x-ray looks good.

Our onc here has spoked with our docs in NYC at Sloan, they will receive the images on Friday morning so we will have their input then.  Dr. Mansueto (our surgeon here) is not overly concerned and told us not to panic until we see the results from the CT...clearly easier said than done!

This could be post-op changes (like it was last time) or post-radiation changes, no one really knows.  It looks like this is our life every 3 months for the rest of our lives!!!!!!  The only thing that might make it better would be going to NYC every 3 months for scans as they are the true experts in the world of Ewing's Sarcoma!

Prayers please and I will update once we have some more information.