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Wow, no updates since July.  Who's in charge of this journal anyway:). 


Let's see what I can update on.  All is going well, so I guess you may assumed, no news is indeed good news.  Hot summer is finally  In the 100's until yesterday, had to look for a long sleeve shirt for Spencer today for school.


Our "summer", before school started, ended with a trip up north to see Mimi, Pop Pop and Uncle.  Spent a few days in Sunriver Oregon, riding bikes all over the place, playing games and enjoying the cool weather.  Met up with the Brenneman's and Portman's at CHAP.  Children's Healing Art Project.  Located in downtown Portland.  A place where there are really no rules, see the picture of Spencer painting Franks car.  Kids there get to create their own art, silk screen them onto a shirt and sell them for profit.  Josh B has some really cool shirts.

We then got together with the entire Portman and Brenneman families for a cookout.  3 families with 3 Ewing's Sarcoma survivors.  It was a super special night to share with others who have been down our similar path.  Talk about reading each others minds.  The experience we have shared, separately, yet walked in the same foot prints.  Josh and Spencer love, love, love each other.  April B. shared with me that Josh considers Spencer one of his closest friends, bacause only he understands what it was like to also be treated for Ewing's.  So true!


School started early August for our boy.  He is in a 2nd/3rd grade class and doing very well.  As we all know:).


Spencer started Cub Scout's as well.  Having fun meeting new friends, pack and den meetings.  We went camping about a month or so ago.  Going from the 110's here is Phoenix to 50's in the mountains.  Wowzer, I was freezing!  Endured a tremendous thunderstorm as well, all night long, rain, lightening and cold.  3 families packed up and left in the middle of the night, it was that bad.  Woke to another stellar day and continued on.  Spencer enjoyed Geocashing, where someone hides something in the woods and gives GPS coordinates on the Internet.  Kids were exchanging rocks for pennies.  Not really a fair trade, but what are you going to do.  Tromping around the forest with his new cub buddies was awesome.  Campfires and cookouts.  It was a ton of fun.  Looking forward to more camping.


Headed to NYC in a few days for scans and follow up with our Sloan Kettering Dr's.  It has been almost a year since Spencer had his orbit removed.  We still have a ways to go until the prosthetic can be placed.  Lots of healing still needs to happen.  A slow process, but as long as it takes and to be cancer free...who really cares about the little details!  April has a special birthday we are also going to celebrate while in New York.  Happy Birthday babe, love you! 

To be honest, I am not feeling the scan funk, yet.  I am sure things will change a little as scan time comes near.  For now, looking forward to the visit of the Big Apple again.


Finally, we are in the process of setting up a foundation.  Thinking of calling it the Southwest Children's Cancer Foundation.  "Assisting children and their families in their
moments of need" 
is our Mission Statement.
 In a nut shell, going to assist family's with financial assistance for medical travel, lodging, counselor resources (we all need it), children's cancer research, we all know that is WAY underfunded.  And down the road would love to be able to set up a Higher Education grants for survivors of children's cancer.  As I know, Spencer's college funds were spent on his treatment.  Once we get it up and running, I will let you all know where to donate your millions of dollars:).


Talk you sooner than later,


Love Mike