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Sophie’s Story

This story is about Sophie, a little warrior who began her fight to survive at the tender age of four.  Sophie is determined to never give up this fight until every diseased cell in her body is gone. We are eternally grateful for all the prayers and support.

Sophie’s cancer was discovered by the grace of GOD when she went in for her 4 year wellness checkup and immunizations on November 23rd 2009.  Instead of the usual quick few questions about general health conditions and then the shots, her pediatrician actually performed a physical exam.  The exam revealed an enlarged liver.  Sophie was sent for an abdominal ultrasound.  The results showed a large mass on her right kidney that was pushing up on her liver.  Sophie was admitted in the hospital and a complete diagnostic work up was done.  The results were not what we wanted to hear.  Sophie’s cancer had spread from her right kidney to a lymph node adjacent to the kidney and to multiple locations in both lungs.  Surgery was done to remove the kidney and the lymph node.  The lung lesions were left in hopes they would respond to chemo.  Sophie then started chemo and had radiation to the site where the kidney and lymph node were removed.  Even though she was diagnosed with Stage IV Wilms Tumor things were looking good.  The lung tumors seemed to respond to the chemo.  Unfortunately her first CT scan after her last scheduled round of chemo showed three tumors; two in the left and one in the right lung had popped up.  Sophie started back on a different regiment of chemo.  After one round a CT scan showed a no to slow response.  Sophie went back under the knife to remove the three tumors.  After surgery she started yet another regiment of chemo.  We were brought to our knees again one month later as the CT scan showed three more tumors in the lungs.  We started a different regiment of heavy chemo therapy in January 2011.  This chemo really takes a toll on her blood counts.  Sophie’s days now consist of heavy chemo with all the side effects for four straight days with 24 hour a day IV hydration, hospital admission for a week to ten days with fever and no white blood cells, then a week or two to recover before starting all over again.  Sophie’s last scheduled chemo with this regiment should be in December 2011.  Through all of this, Sophie’s wishes are simple: wanting to go to school to be around other children, being able to go to the grocery store, and being able to play with frogs again.  Things most children unknowingly take for granted.  Sophie’s spirit is unshakable and her determination to live is unbreakable.  Sophie is truly an inspiration to so many people that know her.

Latest Journal Update

“First Annual” Sophie’s FAITHful race (fun run/health walk)

September…What a bittersweet month.  Many don’t realize that September is Childhood Cancer awareness month. I myself probably would not have known had our precious Sophie not been diagnosed with a Wilm’s tumor a few years back. September is also Sophie's birthday month. My heart aches this morning, thinking back on how excited we were just a year ago...thinking we had won our battle against this dreaded disease! Now a year later, I know she TRULY WON against it! Through Sophie I have learned that life is a journey. A journey that has a beginning and an end but the important part of the journey is what you do in between. Sophie’s journey was an INCREDIBLE one. One that I am so honored to have witnessed, been a part of and now can be an advocate for. Sophie didn’t walk her journey showing bravery, fearlessness and strength for a TEMPORARY lesson in FAITH. Sophie inspired MANY people by the way she lived her life. She laughed despite everything she was going through and she ALWAYS kept her FAITH! I remember watching Sophie endure so MANY painful procedures, surgeries, and therapies while wondering if I as a grown woman could ever find the strength to endure them in the same spirit she did.   I know that our little angel was not put here on this earth for HER own lesson; she was placed here to teach US.  Sophie will forever be our direct link to GOD .  St. Ann’s has allowed Team Sophie to continue to honor our angel of “Wisdom” by building a “St. Sophia” chapel in her memory.  I find it ironic and amazing that Sophie lived her life here on earth GLORIFING GOD and will continue to long after we are all gone.  Team Sophie is vowing to continue to FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT!  We are fueled not only for our love of God but our love of sweet Sophie.  Therefore on Oct. 1st we will be hosting the “First Annual” Sophie’s FAITHful race (fun run/health walk) in honor of her Birthday that is Sep. 29th. It will take place at 8:30am and will start at St. Ann’s in La Vernia, Texas.   This year all the proceeds will go towards the building of the “St. Sophia” chapel.  This will be a place that everyone can go to pray and be alone in their thoughts with God. If you wish to participate or get more information regarding the fun run/health walk please contact Debbie Hladek @ . If you have any questions regarding the chapel please contact myself @ and if you would like to make a donation in Sophie's name please mail it to: St. Ann's Catholic Church C/O St. Sophia Chapel  14151 US Highway 87 West
La Vernia, TX 78121-5874
 We thank you ALL for taking the time to read this heartfelt message and hope that many will share the information in it with others. 


Many BLESSINGS to you and yours,