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Sophia Hope’s Story

We are updating this page so you can share with us in how God has been working his Story in our family's story.  Please feel free to participate here at whatever level God's Spirit leads you.

March 25 we learned Sophia (8 months) had a tumor in her head.  A successful emergency surgery took place on March 26 at Children's in Omaha.  We were at St. Jude in Memphis from April 19 to May 18 for chemo.  Sophia is currently receiving chemo at Children's in Omaha.

Thank you for coming by; we are grateful for each one of you and to our great Creator and Sustainer. Visit Facebook!

Latest Journal Update

Another Road Trip to Memphis

On Friday, Dec. 2, 2011 the Wymer family is taking a road trip. To Memphis.

We took this particular road trip once before. We left Nebraska April 18, 2010 to take our 8 month old daughter Sophia to St. Jude for chemotherapy, following emergency brain surgery to remove a cancerous tumor.

A lot has happened in the past 20 months. By mid-summer of 2010, Sophia was in dire straits and we often cried and prayed and showered/slept/lived for weeks in her hospital room. Olivia bounced around like popcorn between family helping take care of her and then catching up with us in the hospital. Tiffani and I have gone through something now that has been much more difficult than the time during Tiffani’s pregnancy with Olivia while I was away for a very dangerous deployment to Iraq in 2006-2007 while the violence was peaking in the Sunni Triangle prior to the surge.

Now Sophia has completed a year of chemotherapy and dozens of MRIs and spinal taps. Her port will be surgically removed during this visit to St. Jude, and we expect to get word that she can start catching up on immunizations. Right now she has her 6 month shots and she is almost 2 and a half.

Olivia is well-into her first year of preschool and seems to be thriving.

Noah has joined the cacophony.

Just before we went to St. Jude the first time, Barb Moseley took family pictures for us prior to the effects of chemo. This Thursday she’ll be taking our family pictures at Children’s Hospital in Omaha. Then we will drive across the country a second time.

Words can not express what has taken place in our lives. Literally thinking our little girl would die right in front of our eyes. Praying not because we are “so spiritual” or “so mature” but because that is all we could do. Visiting with literally hundreds and hundreds of you, trying to share as much as we could what we have seen God doing in our daughter and our family. God has been good to us. It is not some kind of cliché we say because we have to. We are literally still here, still giving testimony to him because he is steadfast in his love for us.

We don’t do that great in writing out what is happening. Honestly much of the time we are just trying to survive in the world of three little kids and a small church. But we wanted to take this chance to update you. Thank you for your prayer, for sharing your lives and stories with us, and we pray your Advent and Christmas are a time of re-orienting your life toward the King of everything.

The Wymers

Jon, Tiffani, Olivia, Sophia, Noah