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  • Having a hard time w/computer

    Written Dec 11, 2012 11:03pm

    I'm sorry we haven't posted many updates. We've been doing copy/paste from FaceBook w/Raymond & Tina because they have been so busy w/Skyler & we haven't been able to talk to them, but I'm having trouble w/my computer & I can't do that on my phone. I was able to see posts from them & made our comments but then we lost feed. As soon as we get this fixed, we promise 2 post ALL updates.

    From what we know, our Lord is hearing our prayers & HEALING our SkyMan!! We know that he is getting movement in his upper body & feels pressure on his legs!!

    Our God, Our Lord HEARS all prayers! Please keep Skyler in Ur prayers, for this is an AMAZING young man that God has a plan & purpose for!!!

    #hopeforskyler <3

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  • Saturday Update

    Written Dec 9, 2012 2:12pm

    Saturday (08Dec12) Update for Raymond & Tina


    Ray Lembo

    day 16 skyler was bak again he slept most of today and woke up a lil uncomfortable,he was pissed and just wanted hose out of nose bad if he could hav he would of grabbed and pulled out himself, he was letting us have it! cussing up and down, and struggling to breath a bit, but he calmed down we got him his demands like water,blue gatorade, he was cool on ice chips and we had to take off feet pads and shin pads and massage his legs and scratch his head and neck, he has a full on beard wow hes a man, he actually moved his entire left leg for me unbeleivable!!!! he still cant feel some areas but wow great progress for the amount of time so far he was speaking great and remembers everything!!! as far as everyone and reading and all that good stuff,probably not accidedent i didnt bring that up today, but he was worried bout how he looks ,scars and such, i assured him that he was great and only lil scar on front and bak of neck,,he was cool with that didnt mention trank hole scar cause that he will barely notice when healed i kno friends with trank scars ,and cant barely c them..so all in all great day please pray he has great nite and continues to heal and especially for him to breath on his own,then for his body to controll the nerves to his heart so he can avoid the pacemaker...then we pray for him to get all mobility back in entire body, so all in all i am one happy DAD today thank you all and god bless you and hug your kids no matter how they act...tell them rite now how much they mean to you and how much you love them,please for you and them,and US!!!!!!

    Ray Lembo

    day 16 continued, i forgot we also repositioned him and he said he was the most comfortable so far ,exact words were ,I AM SOOOO comfortable now. he was a lil scared bout his breathing but i explained he still has one nostril open and he should b able to get a lil air thru the mouth also, so dont panik whrn that happens just try to calm yourself and say ok lil thru nose and lil thru mouth..hes doing his absolute best ,,he will continue to impress us all... MY KID IS AMAZING I LOVE HIM WITH ALL MY HEART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Tina Breeden Lembo

    All in all today was a good day. Skyler Lembo is sleeping peacefully now. I was able to show him the two news videos and he wanted to see Nick Estrada and Kyle Theveny over and over while getting emotional...then he watched the vigil video on YouTube and he again got emotional by the out pouring of love and support for him from all of you especially when he seen Ethan Shahrokhfar and Drew Moore. After all said and done he said "I got lucky didn't I"......#hopeforskyler



    Our prayers are WORKING!!! Please keep praying! God does and IS answering our prayers!!


    We LOVE you Skyler! Keep fighting...Keep healing!!



  • Update on Skyler from Dad & Mom

    Written Dec 8, 2012 5:38pm

    I’m sorry, I’ve been really sick. I appolozie to the MANY that are pryaing for Skyler and checking for updates on his recovery. I’m sorry…please keep Skyler in your prayers!!


    Updates from Raymond:

    Thursday 06 Dec 12:  well day 14 at hospital, skyler wasnt ready for the throat test today so we will try again tmrw, he had a rough day, but his evening got a lil better he told his mom he could move his shoulders, then HE SHOWED HER,wow ,, he is making slow progress on the oxygen machine,but he is geting angry and wants me to take all the stuff off and get out of there ... of course we cant . he has a lil amnesia o...r something cause sometimes dont remember stuff or people so we pray he will come around. they took his collar(nek brace off but he had some anziety and was moving nek too much ,i was actually hearing it crack ,so they put bak on ) gave him meds to settle down.he much better now. then they cleared his lungs again at midnite,its tough on him but he hangs in there. please keep praying 4 him!!! oh someone came thru his room asking if we would like a knitted hat or lil blankie, skyler said he wants one for his mom, and made her wear it. that was very special. so now he resting til tmrw.

    Friday 07 Dec 12:  WELL day 15 was a great day for skyler talking and reading with us and even laughing once in a while,unfortunately he wasnt ready to move feeding tube from nose to stomach and was not able to pull out tranch and put on oxygen mask cause of lil infection and fever last nite and this morning,,soo on hold til like mon or so. BUT they still give him his air throat and swallowing test well it was some...one different in control of machine,well they proceeded to do the test cause they want to do more and more so he can b stronger til he can do on his own,,but he wasnt able to do and eyes rolled back in head and heart beat went haywire and flatlined again for ten seconds, they revived him again and he was completely fine after and asked if his mom was ok cause he heard her run out of room yelling for help.. hes soo strong and bak good again.. but now theis mention of mayb a pacemaker cause the nerve that goes to it must still b enflamed? or something like that so i mite ask dr. to make sure that jeff(who did first, does the machine when they do that test, im a lil upset with that. but they kno what they doing by trying to rush it ,thats normal procedure..


    From Tina

    Thursday 06 Dec 12:  Some days are ruff....but I'm staying strong and just completely speechless by all the love and support from all of you!! Thank you again, you all give me my strength. Today Skyler Lembo got one bite of pureed peaches....he continues to want WATER, he even asked for a McDonalds vanilla shake but unfortunately he can't have it yet but when he can you know i will be getting it for him!!! The best thing today was that he whispered mom look I can move my shoulders.....first he shrugged the left and then the right. I will never give up hope and I just know prayer is so powerful and I will never stop believing!!!


    Again, I'm sorry for the delay





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