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My Story

Welcome to our "Skyler" CaringBridge site. We've created it to keep friends and family updated.

Our main goal is for YOU to have one place to find information about Sky now & then ways to help Skyler, Raymond & Tina later as he continues to recovers at home. Our 2nd goal is because we have so many people posting on the many different Facebook pages, we hope this is on place Skyler can go back to and read all of the Love, Support & Prayers he has been receiving in one place.

I hope you come back Daily & just Talk Sklyer & let him see your love!

This is Skyler Lembo, our Amazing 17 year old crazy, lovable Angel of our lives. This is his story up to Saturday, 24Nov12. The 1st update will be as of Sunday, 25Nov12. Thank you, in advance, for being part of this site for Skyler and his Parents.

Skyler is so amazing due to the awesome parents he has who are Raymond & Tina. Their nightmare began Thanksgiving afternoon, 22Nov12, while they were on their annual Dirt Bike/Camping trip to Barstow, Ca. Just before they sat down for dinner one of Skyler’s friends noticed something had happened to him & jumped onto his quad & road over to where Sky was. He immediately began yelling for help. As Tina ran over, she found that her son had a terrible accident on his dirt bike and was unconscious and not breathing. Thankfully (and by God’s grace), one of their friends was a nurse and began CPR as they waited for the EMT’s to arrive. Upon their arrival, they knew how serious Skyler’s condition was and immediately called for LifeFlight.

Once Raymond and Tina arrived at the hospital to be with their son, they found out just how seriously injured he was. They were able to get Skyler breathing again but had broken his neck in 3 places and was paralyzed from the neck down. Once the doctors were able to get him stabilized, at around 2a Friday morning Skyler went through more than 10 hours of major surgery to repair his neck and was given only a 50/50 chance of surviving the surgery. Sky made it through the surgery but was still not able to breathe on his own and his 2 main arteries in his back were blocked not allowing blood flow, leaving him in a server risk of Stroke.

Raymond and Tina have remained at Skyler’s side along with other family members helping them through this time. He is at a VERY good hospital, Loma Linda University Medical Center and remains in ICU, still listed as Critical and paralyzed from the neck down. Please continue to pray for Skyler. Our hope is that you will continue to visit this page to see the progress that he is making and eventually have an organized place to offer help to Raymond & Tina as he continues his long road of recovery.

May God bless you and your family <3




There has been a bank account opened to assisit and help Raymond & Tina with Skylers ongoing medical and recovery bills. Thank you for your prayers and support.

Skyler Lembo

US Bank (Sycamore Plaza, Simi Valley)

Account #:  1575002731






Debbie Kenworthy signed Skyler's Guestbook.

Skyler, thinking of you and your family this Christmas day! One of our greatest wishes is for your full and speedy recovery! We are thankful for the progress you've made ... Read more

Darlene Owens signed Skyler's Guestbook.

I hope everyone has been keeping upwith skyler.Day27, still in ICU.catch it all on facebook.love grandma Darlenexxoo Read more

Sandy Causey signed Skyler's Guestbook.

Hi Skyler,   Just read your "Hopeforskyler" web page. Sounds like you are doing well. I'm sure that having a pacemaker will help you along the healing path. ... Read more

Deanna Romero signed Skyler's Guestbook.

So happy to hear that the pace maker surgery is complete and that you are able to have visits from your friends to help keep your spirits up. Sending love and prayers from ... Read more

Beth Krevitz signed Skyler's Guestbook.

Hey Skyler, Read on your HopeforSkyler webpage that you had surgery. Hope and pray everything went well. I also saw the picture of you smiling from your hospital bed. ... Read more

Allie Mesec signed Skyler's Guestbook.

Hi Skyler.... So it's the end of another week.... I get up everyday, and check your status here at this caring bridge dot org thingie majingie, and there has not been ... Read more

pam fazalare signed Skyler's Guestbook.

Hello Skyler, hope your day was filled with hope and grace. went to go-gert in simi and saw alot of young kids there who are supporting you and praying for ... Read more

MC Bergeron signed Skyler's Guestbook.

Hi Skyler, Tina and Raymond, haven't heard anything lately; I'm praying that no news is good news!  Keep up the good work, Sklyler and know that we are all behind you and ... Read more

Fabienne Heathcote signed Skyler's Guestbook.

Hi Skyler, I like what I am hearing about your healing and movement in your upper body.  That is fantastic.  Keep fighting kiddo.  Miss you!   Read more

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