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Sid Bacon used this website to post updates during his 18-month battle with pancreatic cancer. Sid's journal, and the countless words of encouragement in the guestbook, provided a tremendous amount of support and inspiration for Sid, his family and friends during his journey. We have created a new permanent site in memory of Sid with pictures,memories shared by friends and family, many of Sid’s CaringBridge posts, and more.  Please visit that site and add your stories. 


David Ingram signed Sid's Guestbook.

I plan to be rooting for the Jayhawks, and will be wearing the tee shirt I got when they last won the national championship. In fact, I wore it one day about 3 years ago ... Read more

John Kittelson signed Sid's Guestbook.

Jayhawks are always at the top of my list. They will have to wait until the final 4 to meet with my favorite Cinderella team (Cal Poly)!Hang fangs go Mustangs?! Read more

Laura Bacon posted a new journal entry, "Rock Chalk March Madness".

This was certainly one of Sid's favorite times of year: wonderful weather, a beautiful spring desert, and plenty of March Madness.  Sid didn't make many requests in his ... Read more

Mary and Bob signed Sid's Guestbook.

Thanks, Sid!  The world is a better place because you were here...and now it is also a more beautiful place because you touched it! Read more

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