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Who said there is no sleep in the hospital?

Written by Val:

Sheldon is unfortunately back in the hospital at Sacred Heart in Spokane.

We will hopefully have answers tomorrow after an ultrasound procedure.

Details too many and change from anywhere between a minute and a NY half a second to post and/or explain.

It was a very long ER checkin process last night and As I've stated many times; when Sheldon is in excruciating pain Mrs. Maul is his best medicine. Look at the photo closely - you will see Athina giving comfort and they were both able to sleep.

Shel is still in pain and we are in a battle.

We may not get to the phone, texts , or be accepting visitors until we know exactly what we are fighting. And as usual......

Sheldon is fighting as hard as he is able.

Your prayers and messages are all appreciated and lifting our spirits.

And LOVE helps Shel sleep in the hospital; thank you all for loving him - even from afar.

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Cis Hyndman
Holding Sheldon & your family up daily. You are all living examples of God's love, grace and endless faith.
Casey McNett
By Casey McNett
Sheldon, I didn't really know you very well other than one of the Freeman kids, but I do remember seeing you around. I'm saddened to learn of your illness. I will add you to my prayer list and wish you all the best for a speedy recovery. Take care!
jacquelyn smith
By jacquelyn smith
Prayers sent to you! Such a beautiful couple! Xoxo
Bonnie Lamoreux Land
By Bonnie Lamoreux Land
Sheldon and Athina know all the Lands are holding you in our hearts and prayers.You to Valorie and the rest of your family.To my fellow warrior I love you.
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Karen Blackwell
By Karen Blackwell🙏🙏🙏
It is obvious that you have perseverence and strength !! I a praying for the pain to subside!!
Love to you and your family.
Karen Blackwell
By Karen Blackwell🙏🙏🙏
It is obvious that you have great strength, perseverance and willpower! I am praying for the pain to subside.
Susie Berard
This is one of the most MEANINGFUL & BEAUTIFUL pictures of a newly married couple that I have ever seen! God, please bless these TWO loving, caring hearts!
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Susie Dunham
By Susie Dunham
All gracious, Heavenly Father, thank You for holding Sheldon & Athina in Your everlasting arms! We r praying each day for all of you...especially you, Sheldon! All of you belong to the One True God, Who pours His shalom over His children in whatever amount we need! He is with you, Sheldon & Athina & family!!! Lovingly, Susie & Lou
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Pamela Sanchez
We're praying that the Lord will hold you all in His loving hands. Love and prayers, Aunt Pam and Bob
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Heather Stackhouse
By Heather Stackhouse
Oh Precious and most faithful Father, Please bring comfort and the answers that are needed for Sheldon. Oh sweet Jesus, please see the pain and weakness and meet Athina and Shel and the entire family with strength and peace. You our Lord know the plans that you have for Sheldon and we trust your mighty loving will. Thank you for giving Sheldon such a tenacious spirit and light. Thank you for Athina and her truly healing and strengthening presence that she is for Sheldon. Lord, where this continuing pain brings grief, I ask for faith to believe your amazing hand, where the pain exists Father, please bring relief. When there are no words, please Lord, hear the sighs and the moans and the love that is in this family. We don't always understand your ways but we put our faith in you and believe you to carry Sheldon and all affected by his suffering. We praise you sweet Jesus for interceding on behalf of Sheldon. Thank you for listening faithfully to your children's cries, in Jesus Name!
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