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Sheldon’s Story

Welcome to our CaringBridge site. We've created it to keep friends and family updated. We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement during this time when it matters most.

Please visit my journal. It is another day, April 8th, with a confirmed diagnosis of osteosarcoma. Sheldon starts chemotherapy this Friday. Our family is grateful for all the love and outpouring of support we have received; we thankyou now and in advance for your kindness.Sheldon is currently a college golfer at SCC and 19 years old. Recently he had been having some lower back pain that was radiating down his leg. It then created numbness in his foot and toe's. He then lost strenth in his foot and was unable to move it. While this was happening he managed to qualify for his teams first spring tournament at Columbia Edgewater in Portland. However, On March 25th Sheldon saw his family doctor to try and figure out the problem. With help from friends were able to have results from both CT and MRI scans on the 26th. Results from those tests showed enough detail that on the 27th Sheldon had a PET scan and a second CT scan that   showed a (tennis ball size) serious malignant tumor at the root of his spine that has spread to surrounding soft tissue as well as to his lungs. His bone marrow and tumor biopsy on Friday the 29th showed what Dr Howlett believes to be a serious osteo sarcoma or (possibly Ewing Sarcoma). The results will be confirmed this week and chemo is most likely the treatment that will start as soon as we know what will be the most effective. We see Dr Judy Felgenhauer Monday (today, April 1) to determine the next step and create an effective gameplan. Nerve pain is very difficult to control and at this point we actually have seen him smile and he seems a bit more comfortable. His brother and sister are staying both in the hospital and at home with him and his parents are smothering him. We as a family want to thank you on Sheldon's behalf for all the love, support, visits, goodies and care that he has already received. In the year ahead Sheldon will need all the love and support that we can give him, as well as God's grace.  Most importantly his attitude is spectacular. He fully believes he will beat this. He has not wished to hear odds and percentages from the doctors relating to his cancer. Sheldon has said multiple times, "Here are my own odds. It's a 100% chance I beat it, and a 100% chance it stays away."

FAST FORWARD - 5,months today Shel was diagnosed. It's September 25th.  
Sheldon had a massive surgery called a tumor/pelvis resection. The cancer is gone except microscopic (few) cells remaining, Shel is up and re using his nuts and bolts and struts holding his pelvis together and walking.
3 more months of chemo. 1 more lung surgery.  And ......  God willing we will be on the mend.  We continue to ask for prayers.

FAST FORWARD - Shel is already on crutches and his leg is coming back to life. Next surgery is October 3rd to remove 4 lung lesions.  He turns 20 on October 23rd.  His birthday gift with help from God and his surgeons..
Cancer free with a big yellow ribbon wrapped around him!
The family has asked that for daily updates to check this site />
If you would like to know how to help please contact Mickie @ 509-993-0660 or To coordinate meals and support for the Sheldon and the Wilkerson/Maul family

Latest Journal Update

A Lesson in Courage

Our courageous Sheldon Patrick Wilkerson-Maul - October 23, 1993 - August 28, 2014; died peacefully at home at 11:20pm surrounded by his family that loved him more than any one word can describe.

His 17 month battle with osteosarcoma is over. Along the way he galvanized a community and inspired and touched both countless teens and adults with great delight. Our family cannot begin to express our love and gratitude for the outpouring of love and support for Sheldon and for us.

To our supporters, whom we can never begin to thank. We are forever in your debt.

Written by:

Mark and Valerie Wilkerson

& Sheldon as he shared his joy in life with his million dollar smile and attitude everyday.

What a man he was.............
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Debbie Heth
By Love from the Heth / Julian family
So sorry that a an amazing person has left us but the only comfort is that now he is at peace. Love you all!
Casey McNett
By Casey McNett
"And he shall wipe away every tear from their eyes, and from now on there shall not be death, neither grieving, nor clamor, neither shall there be disease again, for His sake." Revelation 21:4
My sincerest condolences to Sheldon's family and friends.
Dan Harbaugh
Val, Mark and Athina, Your loss to so great but we all share in that loss for you. Sheldon was greater than life as he lived and inspired others to follow his example. I hope we will always remember his acts of love and courage, charming smile, and charity for others. His "shield" shall protect us all and guide us to meet him in his place in paradise. We are all better for having him part of our lives and thank you for sharing him in all of our memories. My prayers and thoughts are with you. Dan Harbaugh
Clara Barker
By Clara and Everett Barker
We will always remember Sheldon in the way he blessed everyone who knew him. with his smile and the way he always had such a courageous attitude on life! We are all better of by knowing him. God bless his family giving them the peace knowing we will see him again one of these days!
Rob Paukert
By Rob Paukert
To Mark, Val and the Wilkerson/Maul family, you are in my thoughts and prayers. Sheldon made, and will continue to make, an impact on me and the entire community. His strength, courage and faith will continue to inspire. He is now home, surrounded by God's love.
Chris Pettibon
By Chris Pettibon
Words annot express the sadness and sympathy I feel for my dear friend and her beloved family. My heart won't stop aching for such a profound loss of one so lovely and courageous as the beautiful Sheldon!
My never ending love goes out to the Wilkerson and Maul family. Sheldon lives on in the hearts and minds of so many of us especially in you!
Maria Baker
By Maria Baker
So very sorry for the loss of Sheldon, my thoughts and prayers are with all his family and friends. Sheldon is now free of pain, wearing his angel wings and watching over all that had the pleasure and honor of knowing him. Athina, Val and Mark, may all the treasured memories bring you comfort and peace.
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Sarina Harter
Dear Valerie, Mark, Athina and Family,
No words can express how sorry I am for the loss of your beautiful son and husband to Athina. He truly was an inspiration to everyone as he fought this battle so valiantly. When I called my son, Derek, at college in Kansas yesterday to tell him he was beyond consoling. I was just hugging him through the phone lines. He is going to miss his good friend so much! He said Sheldon was the strongest person he knows. He is going to dedicate his first football game of the seaon in Sheldon's honor today. May God comfort you all in this time of sorrow and also rejoice in the knowledge Sheldon is at peace in Heaven. God Bless You All!
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Mary Hagan
By Mary
Oh my dear friend. I just found out and I'm so so sad. I'll be sending wishes of love and hope your way. You amaze me and your spirit keeps me going some days. I love you.
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Dave Koch
By Dave Koch
Val and Mark,

My heart goes out to you and the rest of Sheldon's loving family and friends. You will all hold him in your hearts and memories daily and forever.
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