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End is in sight!!!

As most of you know I haven't updated this in quite a while....For us that is a good thing!  We have been on our Make a Wish, Shelby has been in preschool and taking speech and OT as well.  We have some very exciting news......Shelby has a date to get her trach removed!  As of right now it is April 25th!  We are very excited and ready for this next chapter in our life.  As Shelby gets better and loses her trach she also loses her in home nursing, for us it will be bitter sweet!  We have grown very close to each and every one of our nurses to the point that I call them my sister wives :).   Every one of them loves and cares for Shelby as she is their own child!  Shelby thinks of them as her best friends and will be terribly sad when they leave her daily life!  I ask that you all say many prayers for Shelby as this is going to be a BIG change for her!  I have asked her if we can take her trach out and she says "no that is my trach, don't touch!"  she has made this trach a part of her and even to the point that she holds it to fall asleep at night.  We are thinking of ideas to help her through this transition and her doctors have told us to expect her to be very depressed for a while after it is out.. Kids tend to treat this like they are losing a part of themselves and this can be very hard for them!  I will keep everyone updated on what is going on and how she handles this!  As I said before please lift her up in your prayers as we also need to keep her healthy and free from infection as we wait for the big day!