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  • Written Jul 13, 2010 6:14pm

    Just wanted to let everyone know that Shon's treatment is still going well.  We are out of Phase 2, and now into Phase 3.  The worst of the chemo is now over and Shon came through like a pro.  Minimal side effects, no hair loss and he only dropped a small amount of weight.

    The power of prayer is amazing.  Everyone's prayers have brought us this far, and I KNOW he will make it through the remaining treatments without issue.

    All tests remain clear.

    I am so thankful that this illness was detected when it was. 

    I've said it before, but I know God is using Shon for reasons that aren't clear to us yet.  But, with time, we will all understand.

    Please keep him and our family in your thoughts and prayers.

    I've attached a picture he took a few days ago.  He looks great!!!
  • Written Jun 22, 2010 2:52pm

    Hi everyone. Wanted to provide a quick update on Shon's progress. Shon is doing remarkably well. He's heading into his final two weeks of Phase 2 of his treatment plan. He has honestly made Phase 2 look like a walk on the park. It is truly an amazing process to watch because he has received some extremely high dosages of chemo in this Phase of treatment. I must say, Shon is the strongest person I know.

    His counts are all on point, and he's still cancer-free.

    Many facets of his life are back to normal at this point.

    We have recently been working on several projects to help raise money for the hospital. In the very near future, you will begin seeing broadcasts of Shon's story across the country. I am so proud of him. One of the highlights of the projects came when Shon said he's faced bigger opponents than cancer. I thought those words really displayed the strength and fearlessness that my son possesses.

    We are also working on a couple of news projects in AL and MS. Shon agreed to these interviews so that everyone who loves, cares and supports him can see firsthand how well he's dealing with this situation.

    I would again like to thank everyone who has prayed for my son and my family. I am a true witness to the power of prayer.
  • Written Jun 1, 2010 9:23pm

    Hi everyone. First of all, I would like to apologize for the delay in getting this page updated. My home pc has crashed, so I haven't been able to access this page on a regular basis.

    Just wanted everyone to know that Shon is doing well. We are now in Phase 2 of treatment, and Shon is progressing as he should. He is now on a high dose chemo regimen which he takes every two weeks. Each time he has to be hospitalized to ensure that his body is flushing the chemo from his system as it should. He was admitted today for that purpose.

    His labs are great. He has been released to spend more time with his friends, so he's really happy with that. For those of you who don't know, he was able to attend his graduation last week. He really enjoyed himself last weekend. It warmed my heart to see such a big smile on his face.

    He has about 4 weeks left in Phase 2, then we're on to Phase 3, which is the last and longest phase of treatment.

    He is still cancer-free, and I thank God daily for that.

    I appreciate every prayer that has been sent above for Shon and our family, and please continue to pray for us. Thank you.

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