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Seth Harris, at age 10, was diagnosed with T-cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia on July 25, 2007. He fought this disease until the very end with all his might. After just turning 12 years old on May 15, 2009-on May 31, 2009, Seth died of complications from transplant-VOD, he did not die of leukemia. Seth was an only child and a hero. Please visit his foundation website to see how we are continuing the legacy of courage, which he started -



Seth is/was the 12 year old son of Chad and Dawn Harris. He is the grandson of Rex and Helen Lee and Don and Peggy Harris. His home is in Bay Springs, MS and he attends Sylva-Bay Academy where he would be in the sixth grade this year (if he could attend). He enjoyed football and basketball before his sickness and loves to hunt and ride his four-wheeler. Seth has just started playing the guitar. He has two dogs, two horses and has the biggest heart a boy could have. He has no siblings but he has a special cousin, Emilee and special Aunts-Dana and Rhonda.


Dear Friends and Family,

Seth was sick a few days in June and the entire month of July with his stomach. He had nausea and stomach cramping almost constantly and lost about 10 pounds in that time. He was diagnosed in early July, by a local doctor, as having a bad stomach bacteria and treated with stout medication but when the medication did not help we took him to UMC's emergency room. He was diagnosed with T-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (wbc was 259,000-normal is between 5,000-10,000) and he also had cells present in his CNS (spinal fluid). Our lives have been changed forever since July 25, 2007. We have found our Heavenly Father all over again and have learned to pray unlike ever before. Seth is our only child and has been our world since May 15, 1997, we are a close three and always will be. Please pray for our baby, he has the fight of his life ahead of him but he has many family members and friends by his side and thank you all for your love and prayers and for taking the time to visit his web-site.

The Harris', Chad, Dawn and Seth


UPDATE: Seth hit maintenance right before his 11th birthday in May, 2008. Not an easy task, but he did it. Right before maintenance he began having seizures brought on by IT meds. (spinal meds). MRI showed there was change in the white matter and fluid around the nerve bundles. We pray that these changes are reversible and Seth will continue to be a happy, healthy child with no long term complications. He will remain on seizure medication for a year. He completed 10 days of cranial radiation and remains in remission. He will receive chemotherapy for another two years, along with spinals.

UPDATE: January 15, 2009-Seth has relapsed in his CNS (spinal fluid), our next journey is a bone marrow transplant.


May 31, 2009-Seth earned his angel wings. Seth got his transplant just two days before turning 12 years old. Seth died of complications from transplant-veno occlusive disease (a disease of the liver from too much chemotherapy/radiation treatment) and the fact that a medical professional and team of board members were not as willing and committed as family members and friends to get a drug to him (the only drug proven to work) in a timely manner. After days of trying non stop, family, friends and complete strangers were able to move mountains and get the drug "defibrotide" to Seth, however, it was too late and his body had began to shut down. Seth held on as long as he could, he amazed doctors in ICU and overcame many obstacles. He will always remain our best friend, our wonderful son and grandson, our deer hunter, our buddy, our angel, and most of all our hero. He will remain in our hearts forever and missed until we meet again. We, his parents, feel like Job 3:25-26 "What I feared has come upon me; What I dreaded has happened to me; I have no peace, no quiteness; I have no rest but only turmoil.  

Thank you for following his story and legend! Keep praying for us as we learn to pray again.
Chad and Dawn Harris (parents of Seth Harris-the three amigos 4-ever)

Update; Seth's baby sister was born May 20, 2010, almost a year after we lost Seth. Saydee Hope Harris gives us a reason to get out of bed each day and hope for a future worth living again. She favors her big brother tremendously.

The Seth Harris Childhood Cancer Foundation has been formed in memory and in honor of Seth. So that his life will continue to touch and help those affected by this horrible disease. For more information visit


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