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Seth’s Story

My name is Seth Carpenter. I am 3 years old and was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia on January 23, 2011. I am at the beginning of a very long road to recovery, but my mommy and daddy told me God will hold my hand until I am all better again.

Latest Journal Update


I really don't even know where to start to catch everyone up from August!  Overall, Seth is progressing well.  But not without bumps in the road.  The chemo that he takes daily is continuing to cause low blood sugars and we are constanty trying to keep protein in him to prevent it.  He has had several mornings with his blood sugar in the low 30's.  To get it up, we have to feed him but when it's that low Seth sometimes throws up.  We have had a couple scary moments but once it's up, all is ok.  We are in the process of changing meters and strips because Cigna is not in contract with the one we are currently using.

  The stomach bug hit the boys the second week of November and unfortunately it sent Seth to the hospital on Thanksgiving weekend.  The diarrhea became so bad that I could not keep water in him longer than about 15 minutes.  Once in the ER, they discovered his liver enzymes were crazy high (over 400) and his sodium was too low.  They decided to admit him and keep him hydrated and repeat the labs, etc.  Of course, the entire 24 hours we were in the hospital he never threw up or went to the bathroom!!!  Once we got home Sunday night, he threw up again.  I called his dr. on Monday morning and we started the "sips" plan again.  Then 20 minutes later the hospital called and said to come in  because Seth's blood cultures had come back positive.  This was frightening because that is very dangerous for Seth.  They wanted to check counts and repeat his blood culture at that time.  Once the dr. saw him, he gave him more fluids( due to dehydration again) but did not feel like he appeared like a child who has positive blood cultures.  So, after a few hours we came home.  Seth continued to lose weight and look pale to me.  I do not do well when he looks sickly because I immediately start "going there" with my worries and thoughts.  He started wheezing by Thursday and his dr. said to give an Albuterol treatment.  I did this several times Thursday and he did not improve.  I went with him to class Friday because I was to volunteer.  He coughed the whole 2 hours I was there.  I eventually took him in and long story short, they diagnosed Seth with pneumonia.  What was weird to me was that he had no fever and the albuterol was still not touching the wheezing.  So after waiting all weekend (when I should have taken him to the ER), I took him back in last Monday.  They repeated labs and his chest Xray, which did not improve at all since the previous one on Friday.  It was at this visit that they told me Seth now has asthma and had been having an exacerbation/attack all weekend.  You would think I would've known!!  It is so frustrating to me that Seth has to get "normal" or "common" illnesses when he is already battling leukemia.  So, they started him on an oral and inhaled steroid and he is a different little boy!   Seth was supposed to get his big chemo this Thursday but do to his recent bumps in the road we will be moved to the 20th.  This stinks because it means Seth will feel really badly for Christmas.  He will be on steroids and he struggles during those days with lots of pain.  He will just lay and moan.  We alternate Lortab with Benadrly because the pain med wears off before he can have it again. 

School continues to be a struggle at our house.  Emma Kate and Wesley are very social and love school so I have been taken by surprise by a child who cries about going.  He says the day is too long and he doesn't like lunch or recess.  It didn't take long for us to figure out that he loves his teacher and does not like to be separated from her during the day.  So now, she lets him stay in with her for recess.  When I ask him why he doesn't like recess he says he can't keep up with them and he just wants to go down the slide.  I can't wait for the day when the chemo is over and he can keep up!  This week has been tear free in the morning and I am most grateful.  I am hoping after the Christmas break that he will get back into a routine and maybe not cry everyday. 

So, as far as how to pray.  First and foremost, pray Seth stays well.  There are so many illnesses going around and we need him well to continue his treatments.  Secondly, pray his next round will go smoothly and we can keep his pain and nausea under control.  And lastly, pray he will develop a love for school!  I hope everyone has a chance to listen to the Cure Kids Cancer Radiothon this week every am from 5:30-9.  The money they raise with this goes only to TCTCH.  Seth and I will be on live sometime between 8 and 9 on Thursday. 

As you spend this season with your family, remember to hold your babies close.  They are an amazing gift from God and it is too easy to get caught up in things that aren't important.  Play with your kids, don't put them off, always listen---they have so much to say!  I pray you feel as blessed as we do with the amazing friends and family we have. God is so good and promises to be with us always! How awesome is that?