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Shan’s Story

I could give you the long version but the best way to get my story is to go to the website my sister set up for me:


Latest Journal Update

To be continued

*This entry was started the last week we were in the clinic so some of it is a bit out of date.
The 5K was a big success thanks to all of you that participated. My sister, Shelli and one of my cousins, Jamie put it together with no prior experience and it seemed to go off without a hitch. They uncover new skills everyday. Much love and gratitude towards all of you, Shelli and Jamie included.
These are the last few days in the clinic and it seems like they are trying to squeeze everything they can into them. Saturday we had an eleven hour day in the clinic and got to the hotel so late that it wasn't supper time, we considered it a midnight snack. Our last full day is Wednesday but we plan to pop into the clinic on our way out if town to get the final supplements and say our farewells.
*The following week
We did have a full week and once Dad arrived the packing of the van began. We were pretty pooped by the time we got to the clinic Thursday morning. I might have mentioned prior to this that the clinic operates on a different time table than most. They are very professional and care for each patient like family but time has no real meaning there. Most see the Dr an hour to two after their appointment time. He is very accommodating so if someone stops him in the hall to ask a question he willingly stops to answer it. He also takes calls from former patients to give advise or order different treatments. The staff is in no hurry either. We patients get used to it and try to plan lunch and treatments with their timetable in mind.
That paragraph started with packing up the van and ended talking about timetables. I bet you think I lost my train of thought. Really it all ties together because we stopped at the clinic on our way out of town to get the supplies we ordered, settle the bill and say goodbye. Why we thought that would be quick, I'm not sure. Anyway, an hour and half later we got on the road. When I say on the road I mean there were times we dragged bottom.
Along with my power-chair, which weighs around 250 lbs, we added another (guesstimate) 300 - 400 lbs. Any significant bump in the road caused us to scrape once we came down. All the driveways to gas stations and eating places had to be taken slowly and sometimes on the diagonal. We were pretty careful but when it's late, you are starving and you find a Dairy Queen sometimes caution is thrown to the winds. We discovered the worst parking lot in the world. The only way it could have been worse is if we had driven into quick sand. This is one of Mom's favorite places but because of the parking lot and the looks of the outside of the store she decided not to eat there. We needed gas and there was a station next door that appeared to connect to DQ's lot. Appearances can be deceiving. We ran over what might be the smallest retaining wall ever built. This did my ramp no favors and from that point on we would occasionally hear a 30 second round of machine gun fire coming from under the van. This would happen when we would deploy the ramp or sometimes when the van was put in gear. It was frightening for people around us. They would freeze as if they were about to find cover and then eventually identify that the sound was coming from the idiot van.
We were still able to use the ramp but were taking no chances so I stayed in the van while Mom and Dad went to DQ for my order. As with most DQs it looked a lot better/cleaner on the inside so Mom and Dad also ordered some food. We apparently just beat the celebrating, graduating senior's rush (did I mention this was a very small town). Anyway we got back on the road and eventually found our hotel in Albuquerque. Another late night.
I kind of skipped over our first night.
We stayed in Las Vegas at the Hard Rock Hotel and thanks to Priceline the three of us got a swanky, accessible room for under $50. Did you know that the Hard Rock is know for its parties? I did not think this through when I booked the room. A late night for us equaled a just getting started for our neighbors. Fortunately they took it down stairs and we were able to enjoy the glorious beds. If I had gotten thrown in the middle of the bed you might not find me again. Although very comfortable they were not conducive to getting around in it very easily for me. It worked out because once I found my sweet spot I was gone for the night or what was left of it.
I have more to tell but this is a long post so I will save that for later. Please forgive the delay on posting this one. I guess I needed to get back in the swing of things before I could get this out. Thanks again for your support and prayers. They made a world of difference when we felt a world away from you. Love, Shan and Betty