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Scott’s Story

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Scott's journey began on Thanksgiving Eve, 1999 when he received the news he had a brain tumor.  He had been suffering from headaches, dizziness, and generally not feeling well, so Jenn convinced him to see a Dr.  The doctor (thankfully) suggested an MRI to make sure nothing was going on besides migraines.  The MRI highlighted a large tumor in Scott's right frontal lobe.  Prayer chains across the country started raising Scott up in prayer for his healing.  Immediate surgery was required and the team was assembled for the following Monday.  Dr. Bottini was able to resect most of the tumor and Scott, true to his nature, recited the Pythagorean Theorem as he was wheeled from the recovery room to ICU!  Scott had difficulty with the anesthesia and was very ill for the first 24 hours.  By the next day he was asking to get out of ICU to a regular room which is exactly where he was a day later.  He was handed a walker to use taking his first steps.  He picked it up, and proceeded to walk down the hall carrying it, explaining, "I think you have to be old to know how to use one of these'!

When the pathology report was delivered the following week, the news was devastating.  Scott had Glioblastoma Multiforme Grade 4 and at most, 6 months to live.  He was 25 and had been dating the love of his life for 6 months. This was a test of everyone's faith, and Scott immediately took up the challenge and had the attitude he could beat this and would do whatever he had to.  Jenn followed her heart and stayed by Scott's side from that day forward. Our prayers and faith grew as well as our belief that a miracle could happen.

Following his release from the hospital, Scott recovered from the surgery and then started chemo and radiation treatments.  After months of treatments, the MRI showed no new growth.  By August of 2000, Scott was experiencing the headaches and other symptoms and returned once again to surgery with Dr. Bottini who was able to resect most of the tumor and implanted gliadel wafers (chemo) directly on the tumor tendrils.  Radiation was not an option since the strong prior doses had weakened the tissue in that area and could do more damage than good.  Scott's determination and spirit along with the prayers and support of his loved ones, once again put him on the road to recovery. 

The subsequent MRI's were all clear of new growth!  Our miracle had been granted!

Scott had clean MRI's until a new growth was spotted in 2004 when he once again went into surgery with our trusted neurosurgeon, Dr. Bottini and a multitude of prayers.  Chemo followed.
Prayers are continually raised up for Scott's health and the well-being of Jenn and the girls.  The love they have for each other and the appreciation for each day is always evident!

Three years later,  on December 11, 2007 another surgery and recovery, and continual prayers.

The battle continues; a scheduled MRI this month showed the tumor has returned and an additional tumor is evident in the back of his head.  Surgery is scheduled for May 7, 2009 at 9 AM to resect the frontal tumor.  Sterotactic radiation will be used on the tendrils of that tumor and the new tumor in the back of Scott's head after he's sufficiently recovered from the surgery.  He will also receive chemo treatments. 

Your prayers for healing and to lift up his wonderful wife Jenn and his two daughters, Brooke and Chloe, will continue to give him the strength to endure and once again claim victory.  Our miracle will continue in His name!