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Saylor’s Story


Hi, my name is Saylor Voris.   Two weeks after school started, 2013, my Sophomore year at San Clemente High School, I got some weird swore throat and cold that would not go away for over a week and I started to get real tired.    I also noticed I had this kind of bug bite on my leg that started to look really bad.  I showed my parents and they said, “If you still feel bad in the morning, we'll take you to the Doctor.”   That was Sunday, September 15th.  Well, by morning my leg was so hot and painful, I could barely walk on it.   Dad was already at work, so Mom rushed me right over to Saddleback Hospital here in San Clemente.   They did not like what they saw and said my Blood Pressure was very low.   By the time the ER Doctor got me stabilized, they were getting the Blood results, and they did not look good.   They were not exactly sure what was going on, but they needed me transferred right away to the next closest Hospital with a Hematologist on staff, so off in an ambulance to Mission Hospital in Mission Viejo I went.

While there, they ran some more Blood work and found the same results, my White and Red Blood cells were “alarmingly” LOW.   The hematologist did not want to say for without a Bone Marrow Test, but, what they were basically telling my parents was that I have Leukemia.   Leukemia I thought!!!   Isn’t that CANCER?  

Well, one more Critical Care Ambulance transport later to Children’s Hospital of Orange County in the City of Orange, and a “quick” bone marrow aspiration later, and they confirmed it…  I have CANCER.

They told me it is a very, very, rare case of Leukemia.   Only 5% of all Childhood Leukemia cases in the nation are like mine.   Its call Acute Myelogenous Leukemia (AML) with a sub type M-7.

Knowing that I was no longer going to be the Head Cheerleader for the JV squad, I just started crying, and then I asked, “Will I be out of here in time for Winter Formal.”


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The Voris family wants you to know that they appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement during this time when it matters most. 

Latest Journal Update

A good night sleep

She did make it through her first night in ICU. They are concerned with a low platelet count and a new infection in the pickline now. Konnie did a great job on keeping her calm last night, so no change in the blood clot. A lot of great heads are on Saylor's case. I feel like she is a Rock Star that everyone is so concern about. Well, she is a ROCK STAR to me. Dr Nuedorf from CHOC is in charge of her care and he is consulting with Dr Rosenthal from City of Hope and Dr Carpenter from Seattle's transplant team.

Saylor however, needs to get through some pretty tough secondary conditions right now before we can even look at slowing the GVHD down. So until then Dr Sonni is in charge of her blood clot and infections. CRAZY STUFF, Right.. Well, all Saylor cares about is getting off the ICU floor so she can see her Thousands of friends and family again.

So for now that is an Awesome attitude!!!

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Kelli Thompson
By Kelli Thompson
Sailor, you are a rock star!!! Attitude matters and you have an amazing attitude. You have many people pulling for you; praying for you everyday. You got this girl 😊
Roger Olson
By Virginia and Roger
Saylor is a "Rock Star" for many of us as is your whole family…… she has touched so many of us and in our hearts and prayers. Go Saylor ,,,,,,, You Rock Girl.
Love G & G SK8R
Kristen Nelson
By Kristen Nelson
Thank you for the post! I thought about you guys all night, all day - folks at school kept saying " you seem distracted." I know it is hard to post at times but please know we are all with you guys and feel pretty darn helpless. Just knowing what is going on helps us direct prayers and thoughts and just be there with you more. Konnie -- can't imagine last night but was praying for you so much mom to mom. much love sent to you. Grace went to school today in Saylor's clothes to keep her close. :)
Jennifer Green
By Jennifer Green
Praying for the blood clot and infection to clear ASAP, and for the GVHD to resolve itself as well.
Jennifer Green
C.o.l.e's prayer team
Eileen Spatz
By Eileen Spatz
Cute bunny ears! Saylor, you are in my thoughts every single day. Get better!!!
Sandy Barker
By Sandy Barker — last edited
Ok, I have goose bumps. Dr. Carpenter is THEE GVHD doc!!! He was Christian's BMT doc in Seattle for both of his BMT's and even did Garrett's bone marrow harvest surgery. He knows more about GVHD than any doctor I have ever met. There is no way I can sing his praises enough. He is the whole package! He went so above and beyond in trying to cure Christian's Acute GVHD. Actually, Dr. Carpenter is the doc I suggested contacting initially when Saylor's GVHD started getting bad. I am so glad to hear that they will be contacting him. I am going to email him about Saylor right now.Love you guys,Sandy
Julie King-Quintana
By Julie King-Quintana
Richard Corder
By Rich Corder
God Bless all of you. Saylor will win this battle.................................
Deanna W and Alexander Hays
By Deanna W and Alexander Hays
Saylor, you ARE a Rock Star! PICU is an unnerving place. The lights never go out in PICU. I hope your stay there is a short one. Dr Soni is one of our faves on the Heme team. He's awesome and I think the Word of Dr Rosenthal from COH, who did my son's BMT almost 6 years ago now. Keep it going Saylor. We are all pulling for you!! Keep hope alive! Hugs