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Saylor’s Story


Hi, my name is Saylor Voris.   Two weeks after school started, 2013, my Sophomore year at San Clemente High School, I got some weird swore throat and cold that would not go away for over a week and I started to get real tired.    I also noticed I had this kind of bug bite on my leg that started to look really bad.  I showed my parents and they said, “If you still feel bad in the morning, we'll take you to the Doctor.”   That was Sunday, September 15th.  Well, by morning my leg was so hot and painful, I could barely walk on it.   Dad was already at work, so Mom rushed me right over to Saddleback Hospital here in San Clemente.   They did not like what they saw and said my Blood Pressure was very low.   By the time the ER Doctor got me stabilized, they were getting the Blood results, and they did not look good.   They were not exactly sure what was going on, but they needed me transferred right away to the next closest Hospital with a Hematologist on staff, so off in an ambulance to Mission Hospital in Mission Viejo I went.

While there, they ran some more Blood work and found the same results, my White and Red Blood cells were “alarmingly” LOW.   The hematologist did not want to say for without a Bone Marrow Test, but, what they were basically telling my parents was that I have Leukemia.   Leukemia I thought!!!   Isn’t that CANCER?  

Well, one more Critical Care Ambulance transport later to Children’s Hospital of Orange County in the City of Orange, and a “quick” bone marrow aspiration later, and they confirmed it…  I have CANCER.

They told me it is a very, very, rare case of Leukemia.   Only 5% of all Childhood Leukemia cases in the nation are like mine.   Its call Acute Myelogenous Leukemia (AML) with a sub type M-7.

Knowing that I was no longer going to be the Head Cheerleader for the JV squad, I just started crying, and then I asked, “Will I be out of here in time for Winter Formal.”


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Latest Journal Update

City Of Hope

Saylor  SeaAnn  Voris

It’s been a busy three days for Saylor and Mom.   We headed up to City Of Hope on Monday to do labs.  The nurse poked Saylor a few times trying to get a vein; well they are hard to find with all the steroids in her system.    Saylor said I’ll take another nurse please!    You have poked me enough; the next nurse got it on the first try.   Then she was off to surgery to have a Broviac put back in her chest. What is a Broviac Catheter?

What are BROVIAC Catheters and HICKMAN Catheters?

BROVIAC catheters and HICKMAN catheters are similar to a PICC line. They both allow a soft special type of rubber (silicone) IV catheter to be placed in your child without the need for repeated peripheral IV sticks. A BROVIAC catheter, however, is placed directly into a central vein, usually in the neck, upper chest or groin. The catheter proceeds to a position just above the heart. In general, a BROVIAC®catheter is tunneled under the skin and brought out on the chest or thigh away from the site where it enters the vein. Theoretically, this prevents bacteria from gaining access to the central portion of the catheter. Finally, BROVIAC®catheters contain a "cuff" which is buried under the skin. Your child's tissues will grow into this "cuff" and allow the catheter to become more stable, which will reduce the chance of it becoming pulled out.


Tuesday and Wednesday she had Photopheresis


After removing wholeblood from the patient the instrument centrifuges the blood to separate redblood cells (RBCs) from the leukocyte-containing buffy coat cells.


The buffy coat cellsremain in the THERAKOS™ Photopheresis System while other components arereturned to the body.


The buffy coat cellsare treated with methoxsalen.


The buffy coat cellsare exposed to an automatically calculated amount (approximately 1.5 to 2Joules/cm2) of ultraviolet-A (UVA) light to activate methoxsalen.


The treated cells are then reinfused into the patient.

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Teri Seavey
By Teri Seavey
Hi Saylor , Konnie and John! Just wanted to let you know that the Seaveys are still in there praying everyday for you. Wow Konnie isn't it amazing how much you learn about cancer and it's related info in 1 year? Something that you would have never thought about before but now it's official...you're an expert. Mark had a broviac catheter as well and it worked great and was really simple to remove when the time came. So glad you're at COH now Saylor. You are in the best hands you could be in there. Sorry I wasn't available to speak with you about where I stayed but I assume you found a nice place and you're all settled in. I stayed at the Courtyard Marriott on Huntington. Thanks for the updates and we are praying for ALL of your symtoms to go away for good! Love you guys
dana riddle
Wow what a process. Hang in there guys, fondly thinking of you dana and dave
Richard Corder
By Rich Corder
God Bless all of you. Saylor is a True Warrior and an Inspiration to all. Thanks for sharing all the details of her procedure. I look forward to seeing her smiling face at our home playoff game tomorrow. If she can't make it, I will talk her up on our broadcast. I pray for Say EVERYDAY :-)
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Lindsay Drake
By Lindsay♡♡ — last edited
I love you Saylor and I am praying for you and your family.. please get well soon. I know god will get you through all of this! I love you say!♡
Terry Wells
By Terry Wells
Praying for your precious Saylor!
Terry Wells
Sue Steiner
By Sue Steiner
Praying for healing....and way to go Saylor for the awesome way you advocated for yourself with the nurse and needle pricks. :)
Karen Castelblanco
By Karen Castelblanco
Hello Voris Family. My name is Karen Castelblanco, and I am an AML survivor! I am currently outpatient at City of Hope, where I had my stem cell transplant on Sept. 2, 2010. I have gone through photopheresis myself for GvHD, and it was successful! I know it will be just as successful for Saylor! My family knows the drive to COH all too well, as you will get used to...(all too quickly!) All I have to say is crank up Saylor's favorite music in the car, hit the carpool lane, and know how blessed we are to live in an area where awesome medical facilities and doctors are available for us! I live in HB with my very active family, and I have been following your caring bridge. (I think we may even have friends in common). If you would like to talk or ask any questions from a patient and family who has been through it, please comment back, and we can arrange contact privately. You are all in my prayers daily, and know that God has your back!!
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Rita Jean Wagar
By Rita Jean Wagar
Although I have never met you folks, I pray for Saylor every day. Thank you for your updates on Caring B
Rita Jean Wagar
By Rita Jean Wagar
Although I have never met you folks, I pray for Saylor every day. Thank you for your updates on Caring B