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Savannah’s Story

Savannah has Cystic Fibrosis, Mild Cerebral Palsy, Secondary Carnitine Deficiency and IgA Deficiency, Hashimoto's,and a Pituitary Microadenoma.  She takes multiple medications daily and continues to have multiple hospitalizations yearly.



Latest Journal Update


Hello Everyone,

Sorry about the lack of updates. :(

Savannah ended up staying out of the hospital but was on an oral antibiotic for a month plus steroids.
Her latest sputum cultures was still showing a gram positive bacteria.
For now her body is getting a break from antibiotics.
She has gotten her flu shot already.

Savannah has had to start PT again. She is working on strength exercises for her balance and breathing.

School is going well for her. She is still LOVING her Japanese class.

For those who send Savannah mail/packages please notice the address change.
We will be closing her PO Box soon.
The new mailing address will be:
Savannah R.
1129 N. Ironwood Pl.
Broken Arrow, OK.

Take Care,
Julie (Savannah's Mom)
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Bonnie Ermilio
By Bonnie Ermilio
Hi, Julie! I'm so happy to hear that Savannah didn't have to go to the
hospital. It's good that she' s in PT doing strength training for her balance and breathing.
I'm so happy she enjoys school and loves Japanese. I had told her that my almost 44 year old daughter got the Rosetta tape for Japanese. Her boyfriend is a very well known plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, CA and was asked to come to Tokyo to receive an award he won and to give a speech. My daughter tried to learn Japanese, but no go. She went with him and knew a couple of words, but it didn't help because they thought she knew Japanese and started conversations with her, which of course, she had no idea what they were saying.
Well, I'm sending love to you and LOTS of hugs and prayers to sweet, adorable Savannah!
Your telephone # is the same, right?
Thanks for the heads up of your new address. Did you move?
Pamela Finch
happy to hear that you are enjoying school and Japanese
Sandy Daron
By Sandy Daron
RATS!! I hope that bacteria will be gone soon!!!

It is just GREAT Savannah likes Japanese. I can NOT imagine how hard it is.

Love ya,
C.O.L.E.s Foundation
(Caring Openly, Loving Eternally)
Email: sandy@colesfoundation.com
Lucel-Melody Wings
By Lucel-Melody Wings
Hi Savannah,
Thrilled to hear that you continue to love your Japanese classes. THAT is awesome. Are you interested in any of the Oriental painting or writing with ink and brush?
Glad you're getting a bit of a break from antibiotics. They certainly can play havoc with our body and thus our energy. AND I really HATE that those nasty bugs are insisting on hanging around.
They NEED to invent something that can eradicate it 100 percent! Someone needs to really go inspire Science and Biology classes in High school (if not before) so really light a flame under our future medical field!
Hope PT helps in BIG and notable ways!
Love and prayers flowing steadily!