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Sample’s Story

Thank you for coming here to support Sarah, Katie, myself, and our immediate families through this new and challenging period of our lives. As you most likely are already aware, Sarah was diagnosed, on October  21, 2011, with Stage II Ductal Carcinoma Breast Cancer. We have set up this site to help keep our family and friends informed throughout treatment.

Generally, events unfolded in the following manner: During a routine annual check-up, a nurse practitioner discovered a lump in Sarah’s right breast. Our original thoughts were that the subsequent visit to the breast center would provide a simple aspiration of that lump, but things obviously did not turn out so well. A couple of emergency biopsies and three excruciatingly long days later, the word ‘cancer’ fell like a bomb through the telephone devastating our hearts and hopes for a clear prognosis. It is frightening and sobering at the speed one word can infiltrate and overwhelm every element of life we know. The road we will travel is carefully but rapidly being laid out for us by a group of genuinely brilliant Oncologists, on whom we have already learned to rely and lean heavily upon. What we know at this point is that Sarah will need a mastectomy followed by chemotherapy.

This new is difficult to bear. Difficult for all of us, but this cancer will be beaten. These are words uttered not only from the mouth of a fighter (Sarah’s of course) but from the very mouths of the doctors with whom we have worked in the last few days. Sarah’s resolve is set and strong, and our faiths are deeply rooted in the spirit of this life. Every doctor we have encountered has communicated high and reasonable hopes Sarah’s prognosis. I will do what energy and time allow to provide specific updates for your here at this site as to Sarah’s developing prognosis and our overall well-being. Please do the same and leave us your own thoughts should you find the time and the words.

We thank you in advance for your love and support. Your words fuel our weary souls. Start blowing kisses of joy our way. The winds need to change. I think blowing kisses up to heaven could do some good too. Together we can do anything. Watch out cancer. You’re going down!