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Day 57

Some how I forgot to post Sarah's update yesterday :0( But here is the one from this evening. Sounds like she is doing great!
Wednesday, Dec 11. Another great day for Sarah. She still has the endurance and stamina needed to do her day without a nap. Speech therapist is now working with Sarah on higher level thinking skills such as problem solving. It's such a great feeling knowing that her problems are at that level. She did some cooking today and later did some multitasking. Sarah is very excited and anxious to come home. She asked me to say hi to everybody and to thank you for your prayers.
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Dreda Sleeper
By Dreda Sleeper
Sarah, God has brought you so ,so far in recovery. He is good, He will continue to help you improve. It has been a blessing to me to read about your healing. I know it's hard for you. YOU can, with God's help continue to be the young lady He has plans for.
Lloyd & Dreda Sleeper
Ernie Stone
By Mr Stone
And we are very excited and anxious for Sarah to come home!
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