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Day 37

Out late last night so I am a bit delayed with the update. Here it is. More good news and specifics for prayer. God is good... All the time!

Thursday, Nov 21st. Sarah gets stronger every day. She can pull herself up to an upright sitting position while in the chair with no help. Her standing and pivoting into the chair gets easier every time she does it. She is pulling her right knee up and moving that leg. She can use her left hand to help raise and extend her right arm up and over her head, but the best part is her language. Tuesday she spoke her first sentence. Today we had our first conversation. It began when she asked us what happened because she didn't remember the accident. She asked questions and can tell us what she remembers and what she doesn't. We told her everything we could about where she is and why. I picked up a book and had her read it aloud to me. She did it perfectly. This evening when we talked some more she started adding voice to her whisper! We checked her writing and she still cannot copy letters
correctly so that is an area for prayer. She is heading to rehab at Randall on Monday! It still amazes me that I have so much news from just one day! Thank you for continuing to lift her up in prayer. She still has a long way to go.