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Day 36

WOW, WOW, WOW!!! I had to wipe tears of joy and gratitude to our heavenly Father before I got this posted. If this doesn't makeyou cry, you should check your pulse. We are definitely witnesses to a miraculous healing in Sarah. She is having the fastest recovery Dale and I have ever seen!

Wednesday, Nov 20. Today is another day to thank and praise God for the amazing things he is doing in Sarah's life. First the speech therapist cleared her to eat anything she wants. They gave her pizza for dinner! PT worked with her as well. She sat up on the bed and held herself up with no support. But that wasn't enough for her...... She stood on her feet with a little support! Then they had her do it again to pivot into her chair! No more lifts in the sling! Later in the day when she did it again she was able to adjust her own position in the chair. Providence placed a call to the rehab and told them they feel she is ready to move on! Her right side is visibly stronger and her right shoulder "popped". She has not complained of pain since. She had quite a crowd gathered round her when she stood up. I give all the credit to my gracious heavenly father and to Sarah's faithful prayer warriors. Thank you all!!!
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Tina Dixon
I couldn't even go to sleep last night, I was so excited :) Soooooo.....I found myself lying in bed for hours singing songs of praise with tears of joy that wouldn't stop. Our God is such an AWESOME GOD :)
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Martin Bailey
By Martin R. Bailey
I am so pleased to see what our great Lord has done for her and will continue to bless her each and every day as he has big plans for her.
Randy Dietz
By Randy & Leslie Dietz
Donna Wilson
By Donna Wilson
HUGE "baby step"!!! Thank God for such great news! Praise Him and keep going Sarah..this IS your work for Him right now ..keep that "LIGHT" glowing..have a super-great day
Ernie Stone
By Ernie Stone
Praise God...this is totally exciting :)
Kim Kostrna
By Kim Kostrna
I want to clarify my post.... It sounds like Sarah sat herself up. She was raised up and then held herself up with no support. She was also helped to her feet, but the PT said she didn't have to give her much support at all. It's all still huge, I just realized my wording made it sound better than it actually was.
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maritza hamann
By maritza hamann
Please give Sarah a hug from the Hamann family. We are so grateful for answered prayers! God is faithful.