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Day 35

Sarah is such an overachiever! She has quickly gone from whispering simply "yes", "no", "kay", etc. to full sentences - among other accomplishments. Hope you enjoy the following update from her precious mama as much as I did.

Tuesday, Nov 19. An occupational therapist worked with Sarah this morning. Sarah sat at the edge of the bed (with support) and washed her own face, brushed her own teeth, and combed her own hair. She then had Sarah wipe a table with a towel using both hands together to help train the weaker arm. This afternoon I told her I was going out for some soup. Sometime after I came back Sarah whispered, "What kind of soup did you get?" Her muscle above her right shoulder is super tight and causes her pain when she exercises that arm and when she pulls herself up to a full sitting position. It is so wonderful that she can tell us exactly what the problem is. Sarah keeps making great progress every day. I keep praying that it continues. Please pray for her weaker right side, her whispers to advance to speech, her writing skills and her extra tight muscle. Thank you for your prayers.