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Day 34

Update Monday Evening from Kim:  I am seeing a little improvement on her (Sarah's) right side so am hoping it will eventually catch up with her left.  Physical therapist worked with her again today and was very happy with her improvement.  She can lift and hold her head up much better.  When they let go of all support she leaned to her weaker right side.  I was given some exercises to do with her to strengthen her core.  Sarah is not "speaking" but she can whisper.  She answered questions and read a few words to me which is great.  What she is not able to do is write or copy letters correctly.  I'm praying that connection will come in time.  We took her to the piano today and she played the note we asked for and then played chords and picked out a tune.  Both hands were able to play.  God is so gracious and good.  We're focusing our prayers on her right side now but I'm adding her ability to write as well.  Thanks for joining me in prayer. 

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1 Comment

Tina Dixon
By Tina Dixon
O' Lord God, thank you for continuing to heal Sarah and I also thank you for Your strength and comfort that continues to flow through Sarah and her family.
Lord God, we know that You are the music of Sarah's heart and the melody within her soul. Thank you for continuing to be the symphony that calms Sarah, and her family's fears and we ask that you would be the lyrics everyone longs to hear, showing Your masterpiece and work of art, through her.
Thank You God