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Day 33

Awesome turn out tonight at the Alumni Volleyball Game to fundraise for Sarah Kostrna. Thank you to everyone who came, played, baked, worked concessions, worked sale tables, donated, etc. Couldn't have happened without you all! I will post final fundraising amounts ASAP.
Upcoming needs: Monday and Tuesday Chuck and Kim ask those of you who feel called to join them in fasting and praying specifically for Sarah's weaker right side.
Wednesday and Thursday will be the blood drive in Sarah's honor from 9 am to 2 pm at New Hope Christian School.
Most IMPORTANTLY...Here is today's update

Sunday, Nov 17. Another great Sunday hanging out with Sarah. She laughed a lot over her father's antics and got plenty of rest. Every day is something new. Today I gave her the toothbrush and she brushed her own teeth. After dinner her father "made" her and she whispered yes and no. Tomorrow Chuck and I are getting serious in prayer over her right side. Thank you for all the outpouring of love and prayers.
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Tina Dixon
By Tina Dixon
O' Lord God, please flow your energy, strength and power through Sarah's Right side and may they excitement that is felt from this answered prayer cause an overwhelming joy through the hearts of all involved, especially Sarah and her family.
Thank you Lord God for how you continue to strengthen Sarah's body, along with all the hearts that are watching and praying and may we BELIEVE in who YOU are, like never before.
Sherry Campbell
By Sherry Campbell
It is such a praise and a blessing to hear of all the improvements Sarah makes daily. God is so good. I would be honored to be part of the prayer warriors to pray over her right side. God bless you all.