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Day 32

Tonight's update from Chuck, Sarah's dad with a call to arms on Sarah's behalf. Please prayerfully consider his request for fasting.

Saturday, Nov 16th, from dad. Sarah had several visitors today, the Reebel family and two friends from school Grace and Mark, and she loved it! Her progress continues to unfold, responding to Grace she lifted her head off the pillow and to Mark an almost two arm hug - you go girl! Our prayer request today is specific and brings with it a serious call to arms for doing battle against the one whose mission is steal, kill and destroy. We invite you to join us on Monday and Tuesday for two days of fasting and prayer for Sarah's right side movement and strength especially her right leg. The enemy wants to steal this from her right now and we together need to say, "No way not on our watch!" Also during this time please lift up her grandfather George and your own unsaved family and friends. We thank you all sooooo much for your prayers and unwavering partnership in Sarah's healing and support!