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Sandy’s Story

April 26,2011 following my annual mammogram, I was diagnosed with advanced stage 3 breast cancer. After an ultrasound and biopsy it was suspected the cancer had spread outside the breast wall into the lymph nodes. Doctors suggested a mastectomy, aggressive chemo, radiation, two more surgeries and five year pill. I had a double mastectomy on May 11. The left sentinel node and surrounding lymph nodes were extracted and confirmed to be positive for cancer. Start Chemotherapy on June 8.

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Latest Journal Update


August 4, 2013. I'm almost though working on the yard and finally
beginning to see the end. I've build 2 patios out of flag stone, steps coming
up the driveway, an outdoor covered Bar-B-Q area, rebuild 2 bulkheads that were
falling down, pressure washed all the decks and stained them, driveway,
walkways and all the brick borders and structures in the backyard and rewired all the
exterior lighting. Whew, it has been very exhausting but some of it needed to
be done. All the new construction and patio material used was from the ponds I
filled in 3 years ago. I build the steps in the front yard from the huge rock
slabs that were the large waterfall in one of the ponds. It's been fun landscaping
with all my old material and not costing me except time and labor
which time I have a lot of and the labor part keeps me busy.


Barney my Bernese mountain
dog puppy is getting big and weighs 65 pounds at 6 months old. Barney received
a new little buddy last week, an 8 week old Golden Retriever puppy, and they
get along great together. Since Max, my neighbor's Golden is not going to be staying
with me anymore, Barney was lonely. He now has a full time buddy named Bojangles.
Still don't know if I want to call him Bo or BJ for short. What do you think?

Let me know.


Mom is doing better
since her near death illness a few weeks ago and was at Evergreen trauma center
for a week. I got called at 4:00 am on July 3rd from the nursing
home she is living at stating that the medics were coming to take her to the
emergency clinic. I immediately drove to the nursing home and mom was vomiting
blood and they suspicioned that she was bleeding internally and she had a large
protrusion on her stomach that they also suspicioned to be a cancerous tumor
and she had a bowel blockage. For three days I held her close and was afraid to
leave her. She again pulled through and surprised all the nurses. I think she
is on her 12th life now. She is truly a miracle and I feel so lucky
that I can still hold and touch her and communicate with her even though it's
just momentary with her severe dementia. I love the excitement and the sparkle
in her eyes when I go see her and she just lights up with this almost childish
giggle. It just warms my heart and I have to thank the Lord that I still have
the joy of being with her.