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April 22, 2013. Chase update.

Yippee, Yippee, I was finally able to secure my house but not without difficulty from Chase.

As you all know from my last update, I lost the mediation with Chase on Friday April 5th and the reinstatement deadline was the following Monday for me to pay the back payments to come current. Monday morning my lawyer, mediator and Northwest Trustee tried to contact Chase with no response. My lawyer instructed me to call Chase and threaten legal action and tell them that if they would not let me reinstate, no judge would side with them on not letting me pay and reinstate my loan. Chase had made it quite clear that they wanted the house for their benefit and I believe that they wanted me to default. By Monday evening there was still no response from Chase so my lawyer on Tuesday morning called Northwest Trustee to contact Chase on a final balance owing and I would be giving them a cashier's check payable to Chase for me to be fully reinstated or he would file an immediate legal action against them. Chase called my lawyer, gave the balance with added late fees and I wrote a cashier's check for the balance and delivered it to Northwest Trustee in Bellevue. At least now I have a peace of mind that I can stay in my home and further deal with chase later.

My lawyer has mentioned that what they did should be publicly known since my payments were not lowered and how they insisted for 2 years that there was another program I would qualify for knowing that I would never qualify with my new fixed income. They were just buying time for the housing market to change and they would benefit from either foreclosing or me having to pay an exuberant penalty for late mortgage payments. I may have lost the war but I won the battle of being able to stay in my home thanks to all of you that made it happen. Today the 22nd was my deadline to move out. Whew! I'm so lucky

On another happy note I received a precious "house warming" gift of a little Bernese mountain dog puppy. I have wanted a Bernese for years and now I have this wonderful little puppy in my wonderful little home. LIFE'S GRAND.

His name is Barney and he is a big chubby perfect little pup. He gets along great with Buddy, my 12 month old Golden Retriever, and they play great together. Barney is so calm and loving and I've been training him to come, sit, down, fetch and ride in a wagon so when I'm walking Buddy to the park Barney can come along too, since I don't want him on the ground until he receives all his shots within the next few months.

My life is back on track now and I can't thank all of you enough for your support and patience of hearing me nag about Chase for 2 years. I will be having a house warming party this summer and you can meet my new "big hairy" man Barney, or come sooner when he's a "little hairy" boy.

I'll send pictures later