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My Story

April 26,2011 following my annual mammogram, I was diagnosed with advanced stage 3 breast cancer. After an ultrasound and biopsy it was suspected the cancer had spread outside the breast wall into the lymph nodes. Doctors suggested a mastectomy, aggressive chemo, radiation, two more surgeries and five year pill. I had a double mastectomy on May 11. The left sentinel node and surrounding lymph nodes were extracted and confirmed to be positive for cancer. Start Chemotherapy on June 8.

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Dani Kelly signed Sandy's Guestbook.

Sandy, there are always certain institutions that will bully their patrons , if allowed. There really seems to be no reason for them to do this , when you have tried to ... Read more

Sandy Furness posted a new journal entry.

April 10, 2013. I heard from my lawyer yesterday and he has emailed Chase requesting reinstatement of my loan to avoid auction on April 22nd. Just 12 days left.He has ... Read more

gwen porter signed Sandy's Guestbook.

My best wishes to you for getting through these trials, Sandy. You are your own best advocate, and I'm so impressed at how you keep fighting for your house even while ... Read more

Sandy Furness posted a new journal entry.

April 9, 2013. I have a hundred calls into my lawyer and he hasn’t called back. I am anxious to talk with him on my new strategy to keep my house, but he probably thinks ... Read more

Dani Kelly signed Sandy's Guestbook.

Sandy you are indeed a fighter! Know your friends are behind you 1000% You will be ok in how you tackle this and your positive attitude should make the bank wake up. What ... Read more

Sandy Furness posted a new journal entry.

April 07, 2013. I’m thinking clearer this morning and I think I have a plan to present to my lawyer on Monday morning to stay in my home. It’s a long shot but I refuse ... Read more

Sandy Furness posted a new journal entry.

April 06, 2013. I met with the enemy yesterday in mediation and they were heartless. Chase Bank will do nothing to modify my loan.  My lawyer and the mediator fought very ... Read more

Sandy Furness posted a new journal entry.

April 04, 2013. Well tomorrow is the BIG day to go to mediation with Chase Bank and learn my fate with my home. My lawyer has instructed I have all my finances ready and ... Read more

Sandy Furness posted a new journal entry.

March 27, 2013. I'm feeling better these past few weeks since my neighbor, Joanne let me have her Golden Retriever puppy Max, to train and take care of. She was having ... Read more

carol pierce signed Sandy's Guestbook.

Hi Sandy, I flew for Delta for over 30 years but retired in 2001.  I also live in Kirkland and am available to help you get to and from appointments and whatever else ... Read more

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