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Sandy’s Story

On Monday, November 21, 2011 Sandy was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer (Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma).  This site has been created to let our friends and family know what is going on.  We will update it as often as we can.

This entire saga began during the summer.  Sandy spent a week in St. Vincent’s Hospital with Pancreatitis.  An Endoscopy performed and lab samples taken a few weeks later still showed some inflammation on the Pancreas,but no indication of any Cancer. A follow-up Endoscopy and sampling on November 21 turned up positive for Pancreatic Cancer.

Since then, we have seen the Oncologist, the Surgeon, and the Internist.  Major surgery is necessary,and is currently being scheduled for the week of December 5.  Before that can occur, she must have another CT scan, a MRI and an Echocardiogram – in addition to more doctor visits.

Unfortunately, the surgery on December 15 showed that the cancer had spread to a few places on her liver, so the Pancreatic surgery was modifed.  The Pancreas and Stomach here left intact and some duct bypass was performed.  We will not know what the next steps will be until we meet with the Doctors, but no treatment can begin until the surgery heals.

A word of caution - if you google this type of cancer, you will be discouraged; we were.  The doctors are saying that it was caught very early and they are cautiously optimistic.

We have taken advantage of this website service in an effort to keep it off of Facebook as much as possible (but we know that won't happen).  This website allows us to keep everyone updated on a regular basis without having to spend all of our time on the phone.  We do not want to leave anyone out or give incomplete information.

Thank you all for your words of encouragement  and support.

Sandy passed away at home in her sleep on the morning of August 8, 2012.   Thanks to everyone for their amazing love and support during this past year.