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Very quick update

Scan results are in: Good news. No new tumors and the existing one is slowly getting smaller. I still have cancer, but it is responding to treatment. No new drugs for now. Thank you for your prayers, happy thoughts, and best wishes. We will keep moving forward.
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Martina Nieswandt
By Martina Nieswandt
I am glad and very happy for you!
Kathy Garstecki
By Kathy Garstecki
So So So Happy for you
Gail Barr
By Gail Barr
So happy about your good news! Prayers answered!
Marcia Mays
By Marcia Mays
Love this good news!!!
Nik Rokop
By Nik Rokop
Keep sending good, then better news Sandra! Wishing you well!!
Lori Matten
By Lori Matten
So glad to read this update. Miss you all!
Surbhi Lal
By Surbhi Lal
Woo Hoo! Take care Sandra. That is indeed good news.
Janet Dykstra
By Jan D.
Oh, thank goodness!!! So happy to hear the good news!! Keep it coming!
As usual, thinking of you and your wonderful family, wishing you still lived here on 3rd.