Missing my Avon walk!

hi everyone, 
(warning, I am going to whine a little bit)
For the last two springs, I have had the pleasure of spending hours a week outside exploring Houston and preparing for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer.  Since I can't do that, I find that I am missing the excuse to exercise, the outdoors, and the feeling that I was doing SOMETHING to help stop this horrible disease.  (Ok end of pity party!)

I have been asked by several of my previous Avon supporters if I could suggest some other organizations which focus on breast cancer that I would suggest to donate to.  There are obviously many wonderful organizations out there that are devoted to great causes and making a profound difference in this disease, but here are some organizations that I have worked with personally that I feel are doing a good job in my community.

Inflammatory Breast Cancer Network (www.ibcnetwork.org): a small, scrappy, all-volunteer organization that has already given $150,000 to MD Anderson for research into new treatments for IBC

Metastatic Breast Cancer Network (www.mbcn.org): an all volunteer organization of metastatic breast cancer patients working to bring awareness of the issues facing MBC patients and educate patients about treatment options

Pink Ribbons Project (www.http://pinkribbons.org/): a Houston-based organization that has given over $460,000 to fund support services for breast cancer patients

I have a friend walking in the Avon walk in Chicago in my honor, please feel free to support he and his wife's fundraising efforts.

Eric Brey (http://info.avonfoundation.org/site/TR/Walk/Chicago?pg=team&fr_id=2363&team_id=133101)

I hope that you are all doing well.  I have physically recovered from my surgery and am still taking one day at a time.  Hugs and Happy Thoughts,

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2 Replies

Terry Arnold
By Terry Arnold
you are so dear, even in your "whining" you are caring for others. Thank you.
Cheryl Turner
By Cheryl
You ALWAYS make a difference...NEVER sell yourself short! I love you tremendously!!